Friday, August 29, 2014

darcy { seven months old }

Darcy and his big brother Jasper came to visit my studio and I think Darcy had the most smiles ever in one photo sessoin. He is such a happy little boy and this is such a wonderful age to photograph as well. They give me lots of great expressions, they can sit up by themselves but they cant crawl away from me yet. You really get a sense of their personality from a photo session at this age. And Darcy is such a happy little man.

Monday, July 28, 2014

campbell { a newborn session }

The handsome Campbell and his gorgeous family, his beautiful big sister had been in my studio before but I was more than happy to photograph her again. She was so good snuggling her little brother, but she did tell me she was the cutest one out of the two of them!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

pippa { a newborn session }

Miss Pippa was fourteen days new when she came to visit me in the studio. We had the heater on to ward off the winter chill, and although she fought sleep for a while I always win eventually. Pippa was just happy to chill out  and just look around but how cute is she sound asleep? She was just divine and it was so nice to be able to meet her when she was so little and soft and sweet and snuggly.

Friday, June 20, 2014

marley, jazmin and jake { a location session }

A teaparty and jumping on the bed mixed with some pretty backlighting and some very cute kids. Sounds like a perfect afternoon.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

kim and keeley { aka the super k's! } a creative session

One day a photographer was out driving in the rain when she saw a location, a wet and dismal place with mud and dead trees and that photographer thought "What a great place for a photo shoot". And that photo shoot idea bounced around in her head so much she had to shoot it to make room for other images in her head. And thats how this session kind of came about...

I always try to do a couple of creative sessions each year, just to let the inner artist have a play. A play date for me and my trusty 5D Mkiii. I learnt so much from this session and I think Im going to have to do it again really soon.

I had two fabulous models, Kim and Keeley, who hadnt modelled before and I'm sure they wondering on the day what was going on ( my assistant had to call in sick and there was an equipment disaster too ). They both did an amazing job and Im hoping once the weather starts warming up again they will both come out and have another go.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

indi and rhylan { a location session }

Miss Serious! Indi was in swimming lessons with my daughter Jade, and she loves the water, LOVES it, so she was so happy and smiley at swimming lessons. Not the same at our photo shoot. Look at that face! Her big brother Rhylan had his solo shoot when he was a baby, and he was being such a good big brother for this session.

Monday, May 12, 2014

ella and harry { a woodland teaparty }

Ella and Harrys mum was super organised bought the most amazing props to our styled teaparty session. The styled setup was for both the kids so we used lots of timber and green so it wasnt too girly, and lots of bunny rabbits and a squirrel made an appearance too. Ella and Harry were the perfect little models, totally adorable and just such happy little people.