Saturday, February 28, 2009

happy anniversary!

I just realised we have been in the new studio for two years today. Its gone so fast! There are still a few bits and pieces around here that need finishing off. I might have to write craig a list! A builders house is never done.

So happy anniversary Jack!

( We're in Jack Avenue, so we call the house Jack. When we drive down the road and see it we always say "hello jack". Is that weird? )
I also really need to take some more photos of the front of the studio now thats is nearly finished. We planted an olive tree in the front garden. The kangaroo paw doesnt seem to mind the heat, but we lost most of the cordylines and the mondo grass. What the heat didnt kill the dog ate. I am so not a gardener. I can barely grow cactus.

Friday, February 27, 2009

care bears care

Bear is not the best model.

When I first started my business I could write my "to do" list up on a post-it-note. Then I had one of those little palm sized notebooks with a cute cover. Then half an A4 page, then a full A4 page and now I have an A4 page divided into sections and then sub-sections with all my things to do on it, and I also have another half A4 book to write up my immediate to do list, and another book to write in things I would love to do when I get time. Plus a pretty pink one to put all my shoot ideas in.

Which I only mention cause walking Bear is on my list. See? It all makes sense now.

Ok, now i need some chocolate. Or maybe some cookies. Chocolate chip cookies! Yes! Genius!

paige, emily, will and ben

Twins! A double dose of baby cuteness.

While the boys were having a cuddle and a feed I was chatting to the girls about all sorts of girl things, and they were admiring my nails. I have flowers on them at the moment. And then i asked, what colour is this ring? Green, said Paige. And this one, I asked. Blue, said Paige. And this one? Diamonds, said Paige. I love that girl!

family fun

Do you think that grandmothers realise the complex levels of bribery, organisation and just plain pleading that go into getting a shot of all the grandkids together?

I did get shots without tears ( promise! ) but this one kind of sums up the shoot. Especially the expressions on all the kids! The amused, the bored, the well behaved...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

riley { five and a half months old }

Riley came back for some more shoot loving. What a hunk of cuteness. He is getting all smiley and cheeky now. I so love watching them grow up.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am trying out a new gadget thing for the blog that has little pics of the people who follow it. So sign up! So blog stalkers its time to come out of the cupboard and make yourself known.

Kylie and Cindy I expect you two to be the first to sign up!!!

and now i really have to go to bed...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Charlie's mum and dad got a gift voucher for christmas, so they came all the way down from sydney for their photo shoot. Charlie was a bit shy to start with but soon warmed up and was giving me a great combination of smiles and those serious looks that I love. Arent his blue eyes gorgeous? His mum has the same.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

the events expo

It would be lovely if y'all could come down and visit me at the events expo this weekend. Its on at the showgrounds on Sunday the 22nd of February ( in Wagga ). If you have any type of event coming up, a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, then this could be the event to help plan your event. I'll even have a $100 gift voucher to give away. And lollipops. I think this means I'm not having my usual Sunay breakfast of french toast. With strawberries. Oh its so yummy!
See you Sunday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the chambers family

Boys will be boys! The two older boys were just trying to get their little brother to co-operate so they could go and have McDonalds for dinner.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Paddy was Mr. Serious on the day of our shoot. I think his eyes are gorgeous, the colour of a stormy ocean sky.

happy birthday leeanne!

Just wanted to wish "the smitmeister" a fab birthday. So heres a pic of Smiddy on a camel ( shes the one at the back, thats Jo at the front )
and walking through a village in Morocco where we made some friends with the local girls and they tried on Leeanne's sunglasses.

And the family portraits from last year. With her two spunky brothers.

And one of me in the Sahara. With my camera bag on. Of course. At one point my camel came unstuck from the one in front and it just stopped walking, and leeanne and jo were behind me and the camel train was leaving us in the middle of the desert. Ok, it seems funny now but at the time I was getting just a wee bit worried!

We will now return to our regular programming.

oscar and rohan

I shot Oscar when he was tiny, and I couldnt believe how much he had grown! His little brother Rohan made his debut for photos, and was totally calm for most of the shoot. I love the bottom one of the two of them together. It looks so simple, if only you knew how hard we worked to get that shot!

Monday, February 16, 2009

indi grace

Indi came back for some more photo lovin'. Her mum bought some gorgeous accessories for the shoot so we used the pink back drop for some shots and my groovy new ghost chair. Which I totally love. Indi is as cute as a button and gave me lots of sweet smiles.

stressed out

So I am a bit of a stress head this week. My niece is in hospital, my uncle is in hospital in Albury, we've booked our trip and now have to figure out how to make it all work, what to do with the dog while we are away, wedding season has started and I have to go to the Events Expo next week and that is taking some time to organise. So i am a bit behind on my editing. Sorry folks! Shouldnt be too long now... i hope...
The pic is of Bear, our puppy. He is chewing everything. But I still love him.


I didnt think it was possible for Sadie to get any cuter, but she did. Isnt she gorgeous? Her mum bought the prettiest things for her shoot, all the things I love. And it kicked my clucky up another notch. I have started asking Craig when he is going to be ready for babies. Scary!