Monday, December 21, 2009

its beginning to feel a lot like christmas

Christmas is so close i can practically smell it! Technically I am on holidyas now, but still have a few people picking up prints and grabbing gift vouchers ( a great last minute gift! )and finishing the edits and album design on two weddings. Taking my mum shopping today, which sounds simple but isnt. And i still havent finished my christmas shopping.

I wish everyone, all my fabulous blog readers, the talented blog commenters, the kids, the babies, the mums, the patient dads, the brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles, the extended family members and even the dogs ( they're family too you know! ) an absolutely fabulous Christmas, and a peaceful and happy New Year.

We are looking forward to the New Year. But first I just want to bask in the sun somewhere. And maybe read a book, ride my bike, walk the dog, watch the sun go down, dangle my feet in the ocean... And do the new price list up for 2010!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

yummy mummies

The lovely Bec over at the Yummy Mummies and Mini Me website has just relaunched her site, and i have to say i am a bit jealous! The site looks great and has made me realise i am really overdue to update mine. I am also feeling a bit special as one of my shots of the gorgeous Indi made it onto the home page! Woo hoo!

Click here to check it out on her blog. If you read the blog you will notice Bec also gave me a creative blogger award. Now I'm just blushing!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Millicent has a great sense of style, she even bought her glow-mesh purse to her photo shoot. I love a girl who knows how to accessorise!

three gorgeous girls { on the farm }

These girls were so much fun. We had a ball exploring the family farm before they went off on a big overseas adventure.

Monday, December 14, 2009

joanne's maternity shoot

We braved the heat, the river and a couple of kilometres worth of trekking to get these shots. Just because you are pregnant doesnt mean you get an easy shoot!

Jo was amazing and took all my directions and ideas like a professional, even up the point where i asked her to go way out in the river. Topless. But they turned out to be some of my favourite shots.

I love these images, the connection to nature, its such a beautiful reminder of this time in your life.

{ Jo, thanks for trusting me to caputure these images for you, and big thanks to Kylee & Bonnie who were fabulous assistants on the day. And for throwing thongs and making me laugh myself silly! }

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

display idea

Do you think i could talk craig into doing this shelf in our lounge room? Then i could put up all my travel photos from Morocco and South America and change them over to my hearts content.

{ This image is from the blog of Katrina Chambers }

packing my bags!

We are closed from the 20th of December to the 11th of January 2010.

The holidays are so close I can almost smell them. To say i am looking forward to some time off would be an understatement! I want to pack my bags and head somewhere near the beach, with no electricity, no phones, no computers and no deadlines. Where i can sit and jsut do nothing for a week. I will probably be bored after two days, but it will still ne nice.

Monday, December 07, 2009

display idea { loud and funky! }

One of my brides sent this pic through on the email today, and how funky is it?

( The image is originally from Zara Home but the image isnt on the site anymore.
Megan, thanks for the image! )

Friday, December 04, 2009


Zali is too little to wear the pettiskirt, so i wrapped her in it instead.
Dont you just want to smooch her little cheeks?

friday deadline

November is now long gone and i am trying not to panic. Much. The order deadline is here, so all print orders have to be to me by monday. If you send your order via email, make sure I send you something back to say I have received it, or it may have diappeared into the digital abyss.

Our engagement party is this weekend. Craig decided he would like to go camping for our engagement party. I wanted a formal sit down dinner. He won. We got engaged in June so its been a long time coming, but with our best friends, getting a weekend where we all have free time is hard. Some were in New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam.... and then i had weddings on nearly every weekend. So this is the first weekend we could all get together. And its the same weekend as my order deadline.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! See you on Monday.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

lachlan { one year old }

I was laughing so hard when he picked the cake up and put the whole thing in his mouth i'm surprised that photo is even in focus!

His big brother jumped in for a couple too. Check out those eyelashes. So unfair!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

random tuesday

I havent done a random post in a while so i figured this was a good time to update on the happenings here at the Rocket Ranch.

  1. Dont forget the cut off order date! Its set for Friday, but as i am actually away Friday the order wont go till monday. so you have two extra days to get those orders in!
  2. cut off dates for ordering albums is already gone
  3. you still have time to order christmas cards if you do it this week
  4. we are booked to capacity for this year, and have a waiting list for next year. the 2010 diary will be open soon, i jsut have to finalise a few things first.
  5. there will be a price change next year, we are going to introduce some new products and some packages as well.
  6. my mum was admitted to hospital at 4am this morning so i am running on sugar alone today, and a few edits are running a bit behind. nothing serious though.
  7. my engagement party is this weekend. i havent organised a thing.
  8. i am really feeling a need to go prop shopping.
  9. i am trying to find time to get a new web site up and running for next year.
  10. i am really really REALLY looking forward to some time off over christmas

jonah and chelsea

Their mum was planning ahead and dressed the kids in blue to match the lounge room where the photos will be displayed. And i just realised i posted all three images in black and white!

Monday, November 30, 2009

maggie and patrick

Getting shots of young siblings together is the hardest job. I love this shot ( the one at the top ) of the two of them together, its not the most fantastic shot in the world, but I know how hard we worked to get it! And the one below is just real life, isnt it? I love his little pouty face.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

liam { six and a half months old }

So damn cute! Check out the hand in that bottom image. With that cheeky expression? And those baby blues? And that perfect skin? Dont you just love him?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

angus { seven days old }

Seven days new, such a new life. So much sweetness wrapped up into one little bundle. It took us ages to get him to sleep, but when he dozed off we got some super cute shots.

These boys have a special place in my heart, because Bayley was one of the first babies I ever photographer. Ever. So he's pretty special to me, and then I got to take photos of Xavier and now little Angus. I am so spoilt! I have really enjoyed watching them grow up. But they grow up so quick!

display ideas { multiple images }

This image if from an article on swedish design, on the Decor8 blog which can be found here. I love the blue and white colour scheme, which would be right at home on the Australian coast. And of course the multiple image display above the lounge is just yummy.

{ Design note : notice how the outside edge of the image display makes it all into one large rectangle? }

ryder { six months old }

Ryder had the cutest little smiles.