Wednesday, May 28, 2008

greetings from morocco

University mosque in Fes. About 1300 ad.
View over the medina which was built in 808 and the tannery.

Hello. I am trying to type this on a french arabic keyboard so please excuse any typos.

We are currently in Fes in Morocco and its finally stopped raining.

We started our trip off in Dubai with an awesome 4WD trip in the desert. We had a traditional dinner under the stars.

Started our Morocco trip in Casablanca, but the pics above are from our stay in Fes. We had a local guide show us the medina ( the old city markets) and it was amazing. Its a labrynith of tiny lanes and closet sized shops.

Bought some fabulous leather from the tannery. Today we are going to the spa and are attempting to negotiate the medina on our own. Getting lost is all part of the experience.

The pics are from craigs snap shooter camera; I have so many photos to show when i get back.

Monday, May 19, 2008

one day to go

I am feeling so stressed right now... Did i get everything done? Not sure... But its too late now cause I have just run out of time... I just hope everyone is happy.

Big deep breath... So I'm off on my adventure! Dont forget that Janice will be here often for pick ups, wedding interviews etc. So you can still come in and get all those lovely prints and albums that need a home.

I will try to blog while I am away and upload some pics. I have also set some random blogs to come up while I'm gone.

Catch ya all when I get back!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

four days till lift off!

Wow! I cant believe that this time next week I will be sandboarding in the desert in Dubai. No more cold weather for me! Yipee! I hate the cold.

So went to see Kasey Chambers at the civic theatre last night and it was fabulous. I know she is an aquired taste, and she even said that herself. But the show was great, she had her Dad and her husband playing and singing as well, and it was all acoustic. Loved it, bought the CD... Great night out, and i really needed a night off. I know, I'm about to have five weeks off, but i have worked non-stop for what feels like months.... wait, it is months... trying to get everyones stuff done before I leave on a jet plane, and i still think i'm going to run out of time... Arghhhhh!

I bought a little compact camera to take with me, mainly for Craig to use, something I can keep in my pocket for happy snappies. The pic above are taken with it. I find them so weird to use.
The biggest question on my mind is still " What do i wear? " closely followed by " What do I pack? " and then " Have i done everything i was supposed to do? ".

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the wedding of michael and jane

Jane and Michael had their ceremony at Mt Erin and their reception at the Country Club. Jane had every detail of her wedding organised, from the pew bows ( beautiful pink colour, beaded with orchids tucked in them ) to the curtain tie backs at the reception, not a detail was left undone and it all looked beautiful. The cake was gorgeous, the flowers beautiful, the fairy lights were twinkling and their dancing was amazing.

six days to go

OH MY GOSH there are only six days left! Gulp!

Some signs that i am stressed:

1. Driving around randomly at one in the morning and getting pulled over for RBT. Looking up at the police man and saying " Did you see the possum? "

2. Pulling up in the carpark and getting out of the car and having absolutely no idea why you went there in the first place.

3. Going to the post office and having the lady say " Can I help you? " and looking at her blankly because you cant for the life of you remember why you went in there. Umm.. try stamps?

4. When you consider cookies essential daily vitamins.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

little baby indi

Sweet little bundle of cuteness. So cute, she fell asleep on Daddys shoulder as soon as we finished.

little baby hannah

Hannah is a itty bitty sweetie pie, even though she wasn't in the best of moods the day we did the shoot. She was so tired yet she refused to go to sleep, you could see her struggling to hold her eyes open. Then we finally get her to sleep and the click of the camera wakes her up again.

Camera manufacturers, if you read this, please make the next Canon you bring out rival the Nikon D3 and be totally silent. Thank you.

the wedding of cindy and andrew

Cindy and Andrew had their ceremony at the Tree Chapel and their reception at the Country Club. We got some great shots at the river and then attempted to break my record for the most number of cars to honk, while we shot in front of the Boyce Building on the main street. A lovely lovely wedding!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

its my birthday

Happy birthday to meeee... This is not the way i would really want to celebrate, tons of editing, work up to my ears, and taking my mum out for lunch. Thats not so bad, I hear you say, taking your mum out for lunch. True. But lunch with my mum requires a serious amount of transport planning. She has MS and is in a bed on wheels. So if you see someone pushing a bed around the marketplace today, its me and my mum. It would be lovely if you didnt stare! But! BUT! I am going overseas in eight days... EIGHT DAYS!! Scary! So its all good today. And I did have a lovely lunch at Batey's Bistro on Sunday, with cake. You have to have cake on your birthday.

" Birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cake "

Monday, May 12, 2008

cheyenne at eight months old

We used this "love" sign for her mums maternity shoot,
so thought it would be a nice touch to incorporate it into this shoot.

This little crochet top used to be worn by Cheyenne's mum, and it was made by her mum.
How cool is that?

Another delightful shoot with my model baby. Its probaly lucky she doesnt live in Wagga, or she would get shot every week! I should probably apoligise to her mum too... shes never going to be able to choose! Can you possibly get any cuter???? I even managed to talk her big cousin ito getting a shot.

So I'm gonna put the slide show up and then go to bed, cause its eleven and I have no cookies left to sustain me any longer. I had to have yoghurt instead. Vine passionfruit flavoured.

As opposed to passionfruit that doesnt grow on vines???

Thursday, May 08, 2008

todays shopping

My grocery list of today consisted of milk, peanut butter, choc orange biscuits and one tub of yoghurt. And I had take away for dinner. Again. It seems that stress leads to bad eating habits and a lack of excercise.

I am currently watching Trinny and Susannah with the special show on boobs. Very interesting!

One last wedding to go then all done for this season, my next ones not till September. I am going to see a Jerry Ghionis seminar in August and cant wait for that, should be inspiring. I went to a Yervant seminar last year and got a lot out of that. Jerry and Yervant cleaned up at the WPPI awards this year, thats the big photo conference in the USA. Actually Aussies took out most of the top spots.

The final order is gone before my trip overseas, and i have already started taking bookings for July. I have heaps of jobs i want to get done in July, lots of little things i want to get done around the place. Sigh... i think i need a holiday!

Monday, May 05, 2008

fleur+adam : the engagement shoot

Gosh it was cold when we did this shoot! According to my cars temperature thingie it was only 9 degrees. So of course we headed out to a pretty paddock to take some pics. These two were troopers as we wandered all over the place, I even made them sit in a creek bed, but it was worth the frozen butt as it turned out to be one of my favourite shots. And the light was so good, it made all the colours just yummy. We took the dogs for a walk, they were so happy they got to chew on sticks.

myles and bronte

I have worked my way through half a packet of really good choc chip cookies, a marshmallow and am heating up some creamy chicken soup. Well, its late and I have the munchies. I had the bright idea of getting a massage today. To help me destress. So i got a deep tissue massage. And my muscles hurt bad. I am not destressed.

Anyway! Onto the images... I had a ball shooting these two in the studio.

Best friends one minute, enemies the next... Just like any siblings.

the wedding of nichole and david

Nichole and David had both the ceremony and reception at Roseleigh Manor, and I'm noticing a lot more weddings are starting to do that. We were worried about losing the light, and just scraped it in with some beautiful soft light as the sun went down.

I had the fabulous Natalie Bailey second shoot with me for this wedding, the first time I have had an assistant at a wedding. Great to have someone to bounce ideas off, and to get the ladder when I need it! Thanks Nat! I love this candid shot she got while I was setting up for the group shot. Love bubbles at a wedding ( seeing as you usually cant have confetti ).
Unfortunately she also shot me... with the 'squnting-through-the-camera' expression I bet I always wear. Bit squished here cause had to shoot around that humungous tripod. I need to buy a new watch. A sexy black one... Mental note to look while overseas for new watch.

But I got even and shot Nat back in return. Shes the one standing. With the Nikon planted firmly to her face. She shot a couple of other ones of me... but I'm not showing any of them!