Thursday, May 08, 2008

todays shopping

My grocery list of today consisted of milk, peanut butter, choc orange biscuits and one tub of yoghurt. And I had take away for dinner. Again. It seems that stress leads to bad eating habits and a lack of excercise.

I am currently watching Trinny and Susannah with the special show on boobs. Very interesting!

One last wedding to go then all done for this season, my next ones not till September. I am going to see a Jerry Ghionis seminar in August and cant wait for that, should be inspiring. I went to a Yervant seminar last year and got a lot out of that. Jerry and Yervant cleaned up at the WPPI awards this year, thats the big photo conference in the USA. Actually Aussies took out most of the top spots.

The final order is gone before my trip overseas, and i have already started taking bookings for July. I have heaps of jobs i want to get done in July, lots of little things i want to get done around the place. Sigh... i think i need a holiday!

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