Wednesday, April 30, 2008



So tomorrow is the first day of May. So that means I am in serious panic mode!!!! Its only twenty days till I go overseas.

So this is the last call!


You can order at any time before I go, but your order wont be processed till I return. We have Janice coming in for pick ups and to take care of everything while I am away, but she wont be shooting or ordering.

Story book orders must be in by then too, for delivery when I get back

( they take eight weeks anyway )

Orders for mothers day are going today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

name designs

I recently did these up for some cute littlies and wanted to share.

I had a lovely caramel tart for afternoon tea, so i guess i'm in a sharing mood!

Monday, April 28, 2008

roz, simon, montana, matilda and ash

Had a ball shooting these guys in the studio. Montana was a top model and working all the moves, and was a great big sister in helping to get Ash smiling. I opened up the prop box and got Matilda in her crown, how cute is she? And check out little Ash's outfit - how cute is that? I will definately get one of those when i have kids.

Montana and I did our own little fashion shoot! I couldnt help it - i love shooting when people love being shot, its just a lot of fun... Whats better than an enthusiastic model?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

the reynoldson family

We have to be berry berry quite cause its duck hunting season. Or at least Cody thought it was, he kept running off chasing ducks all through the shoot. Where do kids get all their energy from? With the promise of a play at the park at the end of the shoot I kept the kids playing all around the Civic Centre.


Sunny and his mum and dad came in for a photo shoot. A bit of a jam session, some crawling races ( sunny won ) and a cute blue hat made for a great shoot.

And this is Sunny's introduction to bubbles. I think he likes them! How cute is he???

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the wedding of jodi and grant

Jodi and Grant had a great engagement session, so we knew their photos were going to be great. And they are just nice people too! We actually did the walk through the day of the dust storm, so all of our locations looked a bit different on the day of the wedding. The ceremony was at Brucedale Chapel, and a first for me was having Jodi and Grants dog as part of the bridal party in the church.

Dogs are family you know. Then we had a great mix of locations with some beautiful big trees, dirt roads and then the court house, finishing up with the bridal party in the main street. In the middle of the road, with the EH cars parked behind them.

Once we finished trying to break the record for the most number of cars to honk, we headed off to the Turf Club for some interesting dance moves from the bridal party on arrival. Love a dramatic entrance!

I stayed till ten at Jodi and Grants wedding and did a slideshow of some of the pics we took during the day. The entertainment was fab, the dance floor was going full throttle and the competition for the garter and bouquet were fierce.

WARNING : this second slideshow is full of serious adult partying and should not be viewed by the faint hearted!

having a melt down

My computer is playing up a bit so its in to get fixed, which means my web site will be down Wednesday and Thursday. The blog will still be up though, you just need to come straight here instead of to the web site first.

I have sooooo much work on I really cant be sitting around for two days while my computer is having surgery, but I have heaps to do. I have lots of cute kids in to shoot, wedding interviews, a walk through, getting my nails done and a mother daughter dinner at the nursing home. And i have to get my international drivers licence. So i can drive a rent-a-car around portugal. He he he....

But while the computer is having a transplant I cant do any editing, so y'all just going to have to be very very patient!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the farley family

Had a fun shoot with the Farley Family around the old Hampden Bridge. We mixed it up and used the graffiti for some shots and then the rocks and trees along the river.

helping out

I am a bit addicted to blog surfing and sometimes find some amazing stories that i just want to share. This photographer has gone into an orphanage and an animal shelter in Paso Ancho ( which i am guessing is somewhere in south america ) and is using her photography to make donations to these two places.

Click here to go and see the images. I bought one of the little dog pics, and i know that not only do I get a great photo, but i am helping these poor dogs somewhere.
I often get calls and emails from people asking for donations, and I know its not possible to give to everyone. My personal philosophy is to pick causes that resonate, ones that you can get passionate about. Ones that hit closer to home. My mum has MS, so thats one cause I will help out, but animals and children have no voice of their own. They need someone to speak for them.
So I applaud Kirsten for getting out there and using her talent to help others.


Remember that photo i entered in the contest for lens flare? Well I won! Woo HOOOOOO! I won something! That is just soooooo exciting....
Thanks to pink ink studios for the contest and the groovy prize of $100 to spend in their online store.

Friday, April 11, 2008

the wedding of rachel and scott

Rachel and Scott had their wedding Temora, and even though it poured with rain when we did the walk through, the day of the wedding turned out perfectly. They had the biggest limo i had ever seen and fabulously coloured fish on the tables.

I grabbed this one right across the road from the club. Temora has some of the best back lanes.

The kids were having a ball, they had their own personal driver and got to play the music really loud. Although one of the smiles did cost one of the groomsmen $10. But it was worth it!

name frames

I have just been adding some extra goodies to my price list, so thought I should blog these too. Framed pics of your kids with their name, perfect for hanging on their bedroom door or leaning on a shelf in their room. I have also done some fab ones with family pics and "family" written on them, and couples with "love". I have one on the door of the studio, and it says "studio", but you could have "playroom instead". Or a sleeping baby with "sweet dreams".

But you probably get the point!


Do I have the best clients or what? Jill just picked up her album and dropped off this totally delicious basket of chocolate goodness. Thanks Jill!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Little baby Heidi was only nine days old when we did this shoot. All sweetness. Have i mentioned how i love newborns, all little and new and squishy? Yup, another clucky shoot for me!