Wednesday, April 16, 2008

helping out

I am a bit addicted to blog surfing and sometimes find some amazing stories that i just want to share. This photographer has gone into an orphanage and an animal shelter in Paso Ancho ( which i am guessing is somewhere in south america ) and is using her photography to make donations to these two places.

Click here to go and see the images. I bought one of the little dog pics, and i know that not only do I get a great photo, but i am helping these poor dogs somewhere.
I often get calls and emails from people asking for donations, and I know its not possible to give to everyone. My personal philosophy is to pick causes that resonate, ones that you can get passionate about. Ones that hit closer to home. My mum has MS, so thats one cause I will help out, but animals and children have no voice of their own. They need someone to speak for them.
So I applaud Kirsten for getting out there and using her talent to help others.

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