Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope all my fabulous blog readers have the best christmas and a fabulous new year!

I am looking forward to christmas day, great food, family and presents. Eating way too much and sitting around feeling totally content.

We are closed until the 12th of January and will catch up with everyone with some blog posts in the new year. We have a new addition the studio clan so will have to blog that, plus I have some great shots of footy players with no shirts on.

So Merry Christmas !

Monday, December 22, 2008

gift vouchers

As many of you must already know, we do gift vouchers. You aleady know that, because I have done a huge amount this week for presents. There are gonna be some happy folks on Christmas Day! Not to mention thats its so much easier to park here than to get a park down the main street today.

Vouchers start at $60 and you can have them in any amount you choose. We then pack them in a gorgeous blue gift box that looks like it came from Tiffanys. You get a personalised card with your own message printed on the inside.

We have done lots for Christmas, but they also make great pesents for birthdays ( especially 18 and 21st ), engagements, new baby's, anniversaries... any reason!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

jack, darcie, clancy and ty and jesse

Had a tonne of fun in the studio with these kids.
And then I had a play with the top hat at the end of the shoot.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the wedding of karly and adam

Karly and Adam's wedding was my last one of this year, so I wanted to go out on a memorable note. Having it on one of the coldest days in history for November was not quite what I had in mind! It was only about 12 degrees and the wind was blowing and made it even colder and the clouds were chasing each other across the sky. Just as we were about to leave the church the heavens opened up and it poured, but it didnt last long and we headed out to some great spots to get some shots.

Karly's dress was absolutely gorgeous and one of my favourites of this year.

Ceremony : Catholic Church Temora, Reception Temora Golf Club.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ten days till christmas

Only ten days to go! Are you serious? I need at least another three weeks please! I havent done any christmas shopping and the crowds this weekend were awful... But I did manage to put the tree up on Sunday, cause I am back to having Sundays off. Last weekend I had saturday and sunday off - but only cause someone had to cancel their portrait shoot cause they were sick.

Did i mention how much i am looking forward to my holidays? I love all my lovely clients but i really need a holiday right now. I am hoping for a secluded shack on the beach, with no phone, no internet, warm weather, good food... sigh... bliss....

My "skye rocket" christmas wish list:
  1. Wouldnt it be nice if one of those TV shows came in and made over my office? So it was totally functional and super duper stylish. Instead of Backyard Blitz it would be Small Office Blitz. Although they could do my backyard too...

  2. I would love santa to get me the new 5D II and the 80mm lens. Pretty pretty please?

  3. I would love some new props for the studio and a really funky old lounge that i can put in the middle of a paddock and shoot on.

  4. a big fat new shiny mac with all the trimmings.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

the eden girls

What do you get when you combine one photographer aunty, three willing and very beautiful girls and a couple of hours one afternoon? A photo shoot with stripy socks. Because the aunty gets to do all the styling and thought that stripy socks would be really cool. Of course with my incredible styling talent I forgot about shoes... oops. But Kayla had her mismatched green and black thongs, which I promised I would post here.

And it was great to do some outdoor shooting as I have shot so many in the studio lately.

Lara had me absolutely laughing myself silly. She was doing her version of a gorilla walk, instead of a cat walk. Get it? Cat walk? Hilarious. I love my nieces! Unfortunately we had to go to dinner and ran out of time, but I am sure I can bribe them to do another shoot for me on the school holidays. We have some fab spots already picked out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the jolliffe family

This family was soooo much fun to shoot. The girls were absolutely hilarious and beautiful. I wanted to keep them! I just realised I posted all black and white pics. No idea why I did that. But black and white rocks.
And I wont tell you what their mum and dad were doing behind me to make them react like this. But it was hilarious. In case you cant tell by their faces... he he he...

sophie, amelia and max

The oldest was like " I love having my photo taken! " the middle child was more " Ok, I don't mind being here for a while " and the youngest was " Get away from me photo lady! ". Well I guess I can't win them all! We did manage to pry him away from Mum for some shots and I got a few cheeky ones of him at the end of the session. Applause for Mum who did a great job dancing to keep the children entertained. The audience was always receptive... Well modelling is tiring work you know!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the miles family

Ohhh. Look at little Eli, he is just so little and squishy and cute... and pink. He's so new and pink. ( Hence all the shots in black and white! ). Its making me want one of my own. His big sister Cassidy took a while to warm up but once she did she was a little giggler. A giggling gertie my nan used to say.

the cook family

I am going to give Darren the "Patient Dad of the Year" award. He almost lasted the whole hour. I'm positive that's a record! And Michaeli is a gorgeous glowing Mum who absolutely loves Darrens effort for Movember.


This is Heidi's eight month old shoot. How sweet does she look with her flowers and pearls? Gorgeous.

Monday, December 01, 2008

having a bad day

Hello. Sorry if you have been trying to call or email me today as the power has been off here all day, and only just got put back on. So the phone and the email and the website were all down for most of the day.

Also today I have to take little Max, the super studio dog, to the vet to be put to sleep. Little Max has heart problems and is in some distress and there isnt anything else the vet can do. He's not eating and its just breaking my heart. He's thirteen so he's had a good run. But I will miss him curled up under my feet, snoring happily. So I wont be taking any call or appointments today as I will be balling my eyes out for the rest of the afternoon.

As anyone who has followed my blog all year knows, I also lost my big shepherd Bracken on my first day back at work this year, he went into surgery and didnt make it. So i have lost both my dogs in one year. Craig wants to get a shepherd puppy as his birthday present ( and his birthday was in November ) but I'm not sure about the whole puppy thing with the hours we work. So will jsut have to wait and see what happens.

Anyway, its time to go the vets so I hope you have all had a fantastic day and I will chat to everyone soon.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

sunday randomness

Talk about a marathon run. I just edited my fifth portrait shoot today. And its Sunday! The last one is a boudoir shoot that i cant show you yet. Just this little sneak peak. We always get our boudoir clients to approve their shots before they go on the blog. So you might get to see some soon. So its half eight on Sunday evening and I am exhausted. I haven't had dinner yet but some "snack right" biscuits and left over birthday cake have kept me going. I really need to eat better when this deadline is over...
Dont forget the order deadline is this friday! Then can i please have a day off...


Six weeks old and a star. I know he's a star cause it says so on his shirt.
It's lucky that nobody hears me chatting to myself while I'm editing. I'm like " oh thats soo cute, look at those little toes, his mum's going to love that one, ohhh... if that was me I'd get that one huge on the wall... oh that ones cute too.... etc etc etc"
This one was an oops but I kind of liked it anyway... Everyone standing around looking at the baby in the basket.