Friday, March 28, 2014

ryder + evie + luca { a session on location }


Boys on bikes and girls with dolly prams. At one stage I was pretending I had ants in my pants to get Evie to smile, but she was so concerned about me I had to stop. Such a sweetie. We didnt have a dolly to put in the pram so we used a piece of bark and Ryder named it Susie.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

rupert & anastasia { on location }

I had photographed Anastasia before but this was Ruperts first shot behind the camera. He was not my biggest fan but we kept working and right at the end he gave me some smiles, mixed in with those serious expressions I love too. Thats one of the things I love most about photographing kids, their expressions are real. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

leo { twenty one months old }

See that middle pic of Leo, on the trike, laughing? Id like to think it was me because he thought I was funny, but we were right at the end of the session, Leo was over it, and his mum pulled out all the stops to get him to laugh.

Leo's big sister Sadie was there and who could resist getting some shots of this beautiful girl?

Thursday, March 06, 2014

back at work today

Its my first official day back at work today after over a year off on maternity leave, although I have been doing lots of stuff trying to get organised for the past couple of weeks. Still lots to do. ( Although I have to admit I did just make an appointment to go and get my hair coloured today because there may be some grey bits showing through, and I cant go back to work looking all grey )

Bookings are now open for photo sessions on Thursdays and Fridays, either in the studio or on location. I have lots booked in already from the waiting list and people are booking as far ahead as December so if you are after a certain date or time its a good idea to book it in because I do book out pretty far ahead.

If you havent go a copy of the new price list please email me skye(at) and I will send you one out.

And because you cant have a post without a photo here are some shots of my three gorgeous kiddos, on my favourite old trike. The teddy bears the boys have as passengers were presents for their first birthday.

miss evie { eleven months old }

What a cutie. After a false start ( can i still blame it on baby brain? ) we regrouped and got some cute shots of Miss Evie, she was a very big fan of the rocking horse, and looked super cute in her pink polka dot bloomers.