Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jessica and Troy's Wedding

Jessica's bridesmaids had the most stunning colour dresses, and the flowers just set the scene perfectly.

Nardia and Mathew's Wedding

Nardia and Mathew's family are from Sydney and Melbourne, so they compromised and got married in Wagga, which is about half way for both families. A great idea, it all worked out beautifully.

Simon and Brooke's Wedding

This was the first time I had used this location near the river, but it proved to be a great choice at this time of year. I have just used the photos from this wedding to create a new album for the studio.

Edwin and Kristy's Wedding

Just because it gets dark doesn't mean we stop shooting! The hardest thing (apart from having to stand really still) was getting traffic on both sides of the road at the same time.

kissy kissy toys

This website has the most amazingly bizarre hand made toys. I want one!

Blair and Nicole's Wedding

Two beautiful people! Blair and Nicole's wedding was in April and the colours are just stunning. The winery and the race course make for great locations. I wish them every happiness!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jazmine and Taryn

I was lucky to have the chance to work with these two gorgeous girls this weekend.