Saturday, April 28, 2007

red shoes

for national red shoe day... if there is such a thing...

Friday, April 27, 2007

gift vouchers

I shot these the other afternoon so I could use the pics to make some personalised gift vouchers for new mummies to have photos of their beautiful babies done. My neighbours thought I was a bit strange, particularly when I asked one if I could peg a baby singlet to her rose bush.

baby hush

Mandy and her wonderful boys have been clients of mine since the very start so I was delighted when she asked me to design some business cards for her. ( The beautiful boys on the card are hers ).

Mandy is a certified instructor to teach parents how to massage their babies, which is a great way for parents to bond with their little ones. I can highly recommend Mandy as being absolutely lovely, so if anyone is interested in her services please call her on 69265771 or email her at

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

new slideshow for me

I made up a little slideshow this arvo to show off some of my kids and family shots on location. One of my favourite things to shoot. Have a look and tell me what you think...

real life portraits

i love shopping

I know its a bit strange but I love kids shops! They are always so colourful and happy. Check out this one online, it has some very cool stuff that would look great in a photo shoot! I think I am part stylist too...

the hip infant

little jack thomas

What a cutie patootie! My first shoot in my new stuido. Kind of. The studio isn't painted yet so we did it in my viewing room. But Jack didn't seem to mind, he was happy to hang out with mum and dad for a while.

Click here for Jack's slideshow...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

portrait specials coming soon!

This is one of my favourite times of the year, the weddings are winding down ( only two more this season ) and the light is beautiful in the late afternoon. So tis time to get outdoors folks! Portrait specials coming soon!

Get your little girls in their tutus and the boys in their knitted hats and jeans and lets get out in the fresh air and do some funky stuff. Let the kids be kids. Let me catch a little bit of that forever.

Portrait special will run from the 18t of May to the 18th of June ( so it goes around my birthday weekend! ) We will be having a display in the marketplace soon and that will be for the special too.

Real life is out in the sunshine, it gumboots and icecream, giggles and tantrums...

Monday, April 23, 2007

cute boys on location

What a bunch of little hotties! Little Jed wasn't in the best mood but he still gave me really cheeky smiles, and his two big brothers didn't think it was too cool having their photo taken, but if they got to hang onto Jed they were happy. So sweet! Thanks guys, I had a great time at the shoot. I lurve shooting on location with kids, it has such a natural feel to it.

and onto the slideshow ...

edwin and kristy's wedding

Just wanted to post a couple of favourite shots, I have one of these in the studio and get heaps of comments on it. Great for weddings at this time of the year when it gets dark really early. This is the wedding of Edwin and Kristy Whyte. Just wanted to share!

( The post below about the chicken was the reminder that I hadn't posted these before. )

rebecca and sam's wedding

Rebecca and Sam chose some great locations for their wedding photos, we started off at the little cafe at Gumly Gumly, which is gorgeous and the owners are lovely. Then we stopped at some textured walls ( which is a back drop I love shooting against ). They had the big black chev and some harleys leading their wedding cars, they caused quite a stir lapping the main street. The girls dresses were gorgeous and Rebecca just looked stunning. The boys didn't look too bad either!

click here for the slideshow

wedding details :
ceremony :portside
reception : boat club
flowers : exclusive celebrations
bec's shoes, dress and jewellery : ferrari
sam's and groomsmens suits : ferrari
decoration at the boat club : exclusive celebrations ( table decorations done by sam and bec )
cars : the ‘big black chev’ ( available from skye rocket studio )
makeup : portia’s
hair : belissima

my litlle birdie

Remember the little bird I posted about a while ago? Well thanks to Kristy and Ed Whyte ( I did their wedding, they have that shot on the main street with the car lights that everyone loves ) I now know the artist, her name is Elodie Barker.

There are a couple of more birds and some very funky dogs here :

Thanks Kritsy and Ed!
PS Evidently my little bird is actually a chicken.... Which means I now have two ceramic chickens in the studio, the second one being a funky chicken from local artist Kath Powderly, which was a Christmas present from Craig. We call that one Charlie Chicken. I love that chicken.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

dirty dancing

I just got the latest newsletter from country weddings and if you are a Dirty Dancing fan you are going to love this idea! Check out the youtube clip below:

If I ever get married I am so doing this! I will drag Craig to dance lessons!

out of the office ( thursday )

Unfortunately I have a bit of family drama today that requires a road trip and will keep me out of the office most of the day. Back late this afternoon!

I have had a busy week, I have done a huge amount of editing, an album still to come, actually make that two albums, done a location family portrait shoot, a baby shoot, got another family portrait shoot tomorrow and then another wedding on Saturday. And I have to take my little computer to the doctors becasue the DVD burner has had too much work and has died. And to top that off a road trip!

Some super specials coming up for portrait shoots, I need some models for maternity shots and weddings soon, so keep that in mind for next month, mention it to all your friends and see if someone is interested. Will be lots of fun!

Gotta go, lots to do.... :)

PS: has anyone seen my painter? I need my studio painted!

Monday, April 16, 2007

yawn sigh stretch grumble

Its Monday. And I am spending this entire Monday chained to my computer again, but its not for editing, I am doing my books. Arghhhhh! Its the worst job. I have been in here all day! Thankfully I have lots of enquiries today for maternity and family and baby shoot so that has kept me from going completely bonkers.

Must go, still have to do all the filing ( three months worth! ) so I can edit Bec and Sams wedding tomorrow because they have waited soooo patiently! Will post some pics soon.

PS : Did ya see my nice compliment I got? I feel all warm and fuzzy.... Feel free to add a comment if you wish!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

engagement shoots

To all my booked in couples ( and those wanting to book! ) dont forget about doing an engagment shoot. They are a lot of fun, a great chance to try out your make up on camera, and you get to do some funky stuff.

annalise and daniel's wedding

This wedding was so hot! Annalise had picked different neck lines on all the girls dresses, and they all had black strappy shoes but in a defferent style, so it was all matched but different. Loved that style. And of course the bride and groom were gorgeous and the camera just loved them.
ceremony :: Mt. Erin Chapel
reception :: the turf club members lounge

click here for the photo slideshow

and this one is for the album slideshow

Thursday, April 12, 2007

this is my new studio! well, almost...

So the builders are returning this week to do some more work on my studio, we have a painter booked in, but I think I will have to paint it myself ( with all my free time! ) becaue I am starting to book baby portraits in for next week. So I thought it would be interesting to do some before pics, and later on I will post the after pics.

And the landscaping needs just a little bit of work still....

Monday, April 09, 2007

wedding bookings

I am pretty much booked out for the rest of this year for weddings, unless your wedding is in July or August ( when I am really hoping to be in China! We just have to see if we get the house finished off and then do a budget check ). I also have some availablity in early December.

The Riverina Bridal fair is on this year on the 15th of July at Bolton Park Stadium, and I always book a lot of weddings for March and April of next year, so if you are interested then put your deposit down to lock your date in early.
I have already booked the 1st and the 18th of March and the 9th of Feb.

This year I had about thirty enquiries for the 14th of April, people were ringing me in March for an April wedding. You can't leave it that late! March and April and October and November book out at least a year in advance. I have already had enquiries for October of 2008.

Best of luck with your wedding plans!

katie and fred's engagement shoot

I had a ball shooting Katie and Fred's engagement shoot, we just wandered around and picked cool backdrops to shoot, it was fun and totally relaxed. Katie and Fred were totally cool to work with. I'm looking forward to the wedding already, only eleven months to go!
And some more great pics here in the slideshow

PS: I know today is a public holiday, but I have too much work to do! Still two weddings to edit and then shooting another one this weekend, and then one every weekend for April and the start of May. Did someone say busy?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

narrandera hot rod show

Took a quick trip to Narrandera this weekend so Craig could get some inspiration for his hotrod. There were some totally cool cars, I had to take a few shots. But of all the hot cars at the show, can you guess which was my favourite? I have to admit, its the torana... Sad but true. Maybe not this particular one, but I am a big fan of Toranas in general, I have owned a couple and I miss them. On my top ten list of things to do is get another Torana. But first I have to do up my old EH. One thing at a time...

Friday, April 06, 2007


What a cutie. Rylee is just learning to walk, and she would set her mind on a target and just walk towards it. Often this would be my camera, but at least that meant she was walking in the right direction. Check out those chubby little cheeks!

Click here for a slideshow of rylee and her big brother james (in the post below)


This is the second time I got to photograph James, those of you who have been in my studio would have seen a pic of him framed. This shoot was mainly for his little sister Rylee but I couldnt resist shooting some of James as well, especially since his parents travelled all the way from Canberra.

Check out the expression on James' face as he chases bubbles. Just makes me smile.