Thursday, April 19, 2007

out of the office ( thursday )

Unfortunately I have a bit of family drama today that requires a road trip and will keep me out of the office most of the day. Back late this afternoon!

I have had a busy week, I have done a huge amount of editing, an album still to come, actually make that two albums, done a location family portrait shoot, a baby shoot, got another family portrait shoot tomorrow and then another wedding on Saturday. And I have to take my little computer to the doctors becasue the DVD burner has had too much work and has died. And to top that off a road trip!

Some super specials coming up for portrait shoots, I need some models for maternity shots and weddings soon, so keep that in mind for next month, mention it to all your friends and see if someone is interested. Will be lots of fun!

Gotta go, lots to do.... :)

PS: has anyone seen my painter? I need my studio painted!

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