Friday, April 06, 2007

happy easter!

Today is Easter Friday and I must've thought it was Saturday because I accidentally turned my alarm off and slept in until 10 o'clock, then painted my toe nails and walked the dog before coming into work. Its so had to work on a public holiday when its such a beautiful day and everyone else is having the day off, but I have tons of editing to do. Even Craig is having the dayoff. Sigh...
The top two pics show a little bird sculpture I bought at the Wagga art gallery. If anyone knows the name of the artist who made this could they please email me? I love my little bird. He is also standing in front of the jar of mini easter eggs that are on my coffee table. I think the people who live here have eaten way more than the clients have!
And the bottom pic is the easter eggs I bought for my nieces. I hadnt picked up my camera in a couple of days and was having withdrawal symptoms today and they looked pretty photogenic.

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