Monday, September 29, 2008

trash the dress

Today i took a trip down to Victoria to do a trash the dress session. And I have two more on Sunday. ( yes i know its a long weekend but this was too good to pass up! ). So i will be posting pics from today soon, but in the mean time i found this article that i think sums it up pretty well, so click this link to check it out.

I am so excited!!!!!

Its not about destroying the dress, just about getting beautiful shots and not being worried if it gets a little dirty. Dont want to wear your wedding dress? What about that bridesmaid dress thats in the back of the closet? Or a bargain ebay dress? Or a formal gown that you would love to see rolled around in the dirt? Add some sexy heels and go full on fashion.

What about trashing that formal dress? Actually I might even do that one myself!

What about celebrating your vow renewal or anniversary?

And does anyone have an abandoned house and a couple of dozen wrecked cars that i can shoot with? Or know where one is?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

the wedding of tim and karen

This wedding was a great start to the wedding season. Apart from it being a bit windy it was a beautiful day. The ceremony was at the Brucedale Chapel, which is probably my favourite church, and then we had some great locations out of town to play with. The bridal party and all the family were lovely and so easy to work with. A beautiful day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

super duper christmas specials

I know what you're thinking. Its only September. But Christmas cut off date for orders is the 5th of December, if you allow two weeks for editing, thats the middle of November, plus two weeks to get your order back, thats the beginning of November. So October is the best time to order and we have some super duper specials to encourage you. The specials are only valid for orders put in during October and November and the whole order must be paid for in full when ordering.

Call the studio on 02 6971 3447 for details!

Friday, September 19, 2008

family in the studio

This family even bought their pet dog, Kevin, along for the shoot. Kevin is a very relaxed dog, and also a girl, so dont let the name confuse you. And Hughie made me a sky rocket all by himself ( ok it wasnt really for me, but he did make it all by himself ), olivia gave me sweet shy smiles and mia just cracked me up. Last time I shot this family they didnt have olivia, so its lovely to see how they've grown.


I shot Jake when he was a baby and he's just getting cuter - even though he wasnt in the best mood for our shoot, we managed to sway him with lots and lots of bubbles. So now he's all grown up and one year old. The shot below is from his baby shoot.

t-shirt and jeans { friday randomness }

I am totally in love with the weather today! Acccording to my car temperature thingie it was 28 degrees today, but i dont know if thats right. But i like the sound of it!

Because I like to be positive, I was trying to think of positive things about winter. But i could only come up with three. The first is hot chocolate. The second is snuggling on the lounge with a doona and watching a movie while the rain comes down outside. And the third is jeans and boots. Cause i love my jeans and boots. But in winter you have to have twenty-five layers on to keep warm. Well I do anyway... I feel the cold. So today I have jeans and a t-shirt and bare feet and i can feel summer on the way and im loving it. There is so much more to be positive about in summer.

On another positive note, I have done all my editing. For the next twenty two hours I am totally up-to-date on all editing. Woo hoo! I still have a tonne of work to do, but its still a good feeling.
EDITED TO ADD : well that "up-to-date" lasted about a whole four hours!

The image above was one i took during the latest dust storm. I may be a bit biased, but i love a good dust storm. Just because the light is so good! As anyone who chats to me knows, I am a bit obsessed with the light. But not happy about having to wash my car. And the windows, and the letterbox...

overdue orders

I was hoping everyone who has overdue orders could put them in sooner rather than later? With weddings and christmas fast approaching, I would love to get them all out and organised now. There are also some overdue wedding albums too.

You know who you are!

Besides, if you get them in now you'll beat the price rise. Hint hint...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I did Riley's mummy's maternity shoot, and was delighted to meet him when he was just ten days old. And again when he was seventeen days old, but thats another story!

I might have to stop doing newborn shoots. They make me a bit clucky!


I know, I know! He has gorgeous eyes. This guy is gonna be a heart breaker when he gets older.
The top one is funky colour, to push those blues and whites. The middle one is a tint ( kind of half colour and half black and white ) to show off those eyelashes, and then the bottom one i did stuff to make his eyes pop. Love it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today I washed my car, dropped some stuff off at the printers, got a new basket to photograph babies in, bought two new pairs of shoes ( work ones! ), got some more paper, booked a new trash the dress session, cleaned the office ( vacumed and dusted! ) and even went to the gym and still had time to edit this spunk-a-muffin. I'm on fire! What a cute tushy... So cheeky!

Monday, September 15, 2008

cheyenne { one year old }

It was a bit bittersweet shooting Cheyenne this time, as this was her one year old shoot so I probably wont see her again until she's two... I'm going to miss her!

What i love about shooting Cheyenne, apart from the obvious, like how cute she is, and how cute her smile is, and she is just a sweetie, but apart from that is her mum. Kylee turns up with a suitcase full of cute clothes, and tells me i can choose whatever I want, she lets me run with all my crazy ideas for shoots and has great ideas of her own, lets me shoot whereever I want, but mostly she is such a great singer and dancer that i should consider hiring her to make all the kids laugh!

For this shoot we even talked Bianca into getting in front of the camera. And that took some sweet talking! And some more singing and dancing...

Hope you love these pics as much as i do!

window display

Check out the window display at Lilly Lane Framers, next the restoration centre in Fitzmaurice Street. It features some funky shots of the fabulous Brittany and we have done some unusual framing this time, just to be a bit different. Let me know what you think!

( Lucky for me Brittany and her mum have checked it out and like it! She sent me an email and said they were gorgeous and she wants them all! )

bella and lewis

Anyone who has been in the stuido lately would have seen the last shoot I did of Lewis, he's the cute baby with the beautiful eyes in the beanie on the wall above the desk. Well, it was time for some more of my super shoot goodness, so we did another shoot for Lewis and Bella as Lewis is now one year old. Gosh they grow up quick! Where did the year go? Lewis has beautiful eyes, but I also kept photographing the back of his head, because he has these divine little curls! Bella is going to be a stylist when she grows up, we spend more time with the props than we do shooting. I can so relate to that... We even had rollerskates this time!

Monday, September 08, 2008

story book albums

I may be a bit biased, but I think my story book albums are totally gorgeous. They have a hard cover and your favourite images from your shoot and I design each one individually. We have some great samples in the studio if you want to check one out.

Friday, September 05, 2008

leavin on a jet plane

So i am away again from saturday to tuesday... back on wednesday and thursday and then gone again friday, saturday and sunday... then hit the ground running on monday ... for wedding season... take a deep breath... its gonna be huge!
and thank you to everyone who has been really patient waiting for their orders while i have been really really really busy.
hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the jerry ghionis workshop

I have been getting lots of people asking about the workshop that I went to in Melbourne last week, so I thought I better post some of the pics that I took. I stayed at a motel in Docklands, right next to Telstra Dome for a week, and then did the seminar all day... and most nights! It was very full on. Inspring. It was... well, its hard to explain. It kind of shook everything up, broke it and then put it all back together again, with a huge to-do list stuck to the top of it. If that makes any sense...? But it was fantastic. I loved watching how Jerry worked, how he sees light, how he poses people, how he directs... the man has a knack! The other photographers in the work shop were fantastic. The models did an awesome job, especially since they had twenty photographers shooting them and it was freezing... I was numb and I was wearing layers and they were in wedding dresses. So big hugs to them! So lets just say there is going to be some changes at Rocket Headquarters. And at some other studios I think too... Cant wait to see what comes out. Its exciting but terrifying at the same time.

But anyway... the pictures! I cant really take credit for most of these as I shot them straight over Jerrys shoulder. Except the first two and a couple of others...

So its eleven o'clock now so I really have to go bed. yawn... huge day tomorrow, then away for four days, then back for a couple, then away again and then its wedding season.

Docklands at night it pretty and cold. Very cold...

My shot from the first day of shooting.
This one cracks me up. This is Olivia, one of the models, getting camera lessons.

I dont know why but I really like this shot. Arty abstract? Walking back from shooting, hence the canon lens slung over the shoulder.
Just mucking around on the way back.