Wednesday, March 30, 2011

randim studio & pregnancy update

Twelve weeks to go, and thats if i go right on my due date. Which might be why i have started to panic. And stress. I think maybe i have over committed myself just a wee bit. I have a to do list thats bigger than my baby shopping list! For this reason, I just cant take any more bookings now. I really really do apoligise to clients, new and existing, and I know some people have voiced their... well, their unhappiness at the fact that I am booked up, but I have to put my health and stress levels, and the health of this bub thats growing inside me first.

To answer some frequently asked questions, please read the list below:

What about my gift voucher?
Excellent question. I am more than happy to extend your gift voucher if it expires before I can book you in, but you do need to call or email the studio to i can get the voucher numbers off you and make a note in the file.

When you come back to work, are you booking everything in?
Not exactly. As i will only be part time, I am restricing the booking to kids and babies. So no commercial shoots, real estate head shots, or big extended families for now. And only two sessions a week will be booked when i get from maternity leave.

Did you find out the sex of the baby?
Nope. Which is why the nursery is still white. But white goes with everything, right?

How are you feeling?
Apart from huge ( and everyone keeps telling me how big i am! ) i am doing pretty good. A bit tired as a full nights sleep seems to have been a lifetime ago, and i know thats going to get harder once the baby is born... And maybe a bit overwhelmed by everything, trying to raise a baby and keep my first baby, this business, all happy and working together. And there was something else too but my baby brain is in full swing so i cant remember what it is!

A little birdie told me you might offer digital files soon?
 Maybe maybe maybe! You will just have to keep an eye on the blog and see. But we do have some price list changes coming up. Some new products will come on, some old ones will go out...

Friday, March 25, 2011

jack { twelve days new } wagga newborn photography

Little Jack stole my heart in the first thirty seconds of meeting him. Even if it was midnight and I had just driven to Sydney to photograph him after shooting a wedding. I was not going to bed till i got to hold that baby! The next morning I set my backdrops up in the lounge room and got some snaps of him, so sweet and little and sleepy. Sigh...

{ The red hat and the pod are from the MILK collection. Dont you think he looks like he is making a love heart when he is in the pod? So cute! }

bubbabling art prints { an internet find }

Its nearly one o'clock in the morning and I am not asleep.  I was asleep, then not. So i have been browsing the internet so i can bring you another fabulous installment of internet finds. They seem to trend towards cute baby prints these days. And they quite often seem to have birds and type in them. So this round is from the website called Bubba Bling which has a gorgeous selection of prints, along with linen and furniture. The prints I am loving are from Printspace. Once i get a colour scheme in the nursery sorted out, I think my next midnight shopping spree might inlcude some of these cuties!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

ruby jane { 16 weeks old } wagga baby photography

Ruby is cute as a button. She started off all smiles but took some convincing to keep them going. An outfit change and lots of snuggling seemed to do the trick!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lisa { shave for a cure }

Lisa approached me to do a shoot just for her. She was shaving her head for Shave for a Cure, so we split her session into two and did a before and after. We chatted about her feelings for the upcoing event, and how she felt afterwards, and I was impressed by the depth and conviction of her feelings. She looks fabulous and is a much braver woman than I am!

Monday, March 21, 2011

lisa and shaun { waiting for baby }

Since I did this session Lisa and Shaun have welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Jack into the world, and he has already had the first of many photo sessions with me. 

I'm still trying to settle on a name for these sessions. Maternity, waiting for baby, bump? Mmmm. Still thinking on that one.

Friday, March 18, 2011

mia { seven months old }

Such a cute age to photograph. As soon as i saw that gorgeous red dress i went to get my old high chair, but didnt use it much because Mia was so fascinated by the beads on it that we had trouble getting her attention at all! She does look very cute in it though....

{ wagga child photographer  }

Thursday, March 17, 2011

wedding photography spoof by matt & katie

Matt and Katie are Australian wedding photographers doing some beautiful work, and i came across this spoof video they put together. Clients might not get it all, but other wedding photographers should think its pretty darn funny!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

thats all folks!

So guess what? I am booked out now till i go on maternity leave. I have given myself a bit of a buffer zone in case i go into labour early, but I really want to get everybody all finalised before the baby is here so i can have a good three months off.

Lots of sessions booked in should mean lots of entries on the blog ( as long as i have the time! ) so keep an eye out for lots of new posts. Also if i have any spare room to put any more shoots in on very short notice i will put it on here ( after i contact my wait list ).

Monday, March 14, 2011

jazmin { six days old } wagga newborn photographer

Jazmin came into the world almost on her due date, and she has blessed her family with her sweet presence.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Paige, Jaida, Halle and Poppy

I have this photo of these three beautiful girls on my wall. Taking photos of young siblings is never the easiest shot to get, so i was pretty happy when i got this one. But since then a few things have changed. Halle, the youngest, now has some divine blonde culrs and all the girls now have a little baby sister called Poppy.

The girls did an amazing job, they are a joy to have in the studio, and I think Dad may deserve a medal for his help in getting the girls to smile!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

what to wear { some finds at the mathilda markets }

I had to visit Canberra on the weekend and found some time to swing into the Mathildas Markets. Eye candy! I have put the next markets in my diary for when my bub is born.

In the meantime i thought it only fair to share what i found with my fab blog readers, in case any of you want to do some online shopping.

First up is Little Monstas who have the funkiest dresses. Why do i always seen to find more stuff for girls than boys? They do have some funky boys stuff as well, but i was in love a dress with bold black and white type on it. If they had a skirt in my size i would have bought it!

Ivy Daisy has some gorgeous vintage inspired dresses and tees with lace embellishments on them, Looking at You Kid has some cute little bloomers and singlets on sale...

happy shopping!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

kathy + dave { an engagement shoot }

I had never been to the Licorice Factory in Junee. What a find! Not only do they sell chocolate, the building is fabulous and provided some great spots to shoot. Kathy and Dave will have their wedding there in December this year, and I know it will be fabulous.

cake smash

These four cuties are all in the same mothers group, so their mums got some balloons and some rather yummy cupcakes and we did a little birthday celebration shoot for them. The huge cupcakes had lovely smooshy icing, and the kids looked like they had rolled around in it by the end of the session. You could tell which one had been at someone elses cake by the colour of the icing on them!

Monday, March 07, 2011

the wedding of coady and andrew

Coady and Andrew celebrated their wedding with family and friends on the water at the Newport Mirage in Sydney. The day was steamy hot and the bridal party was smokin'. I stood on the roof ( yes, while pregnant! ) to get the group shot of all the guests and received a thunderous applause, and they did the best and loudest cheering of any wedding i think i have ever shot!

Friday, March 04, 2011

latest happenings here { bookings and such }

{ Images from Spearmint Baby Blog }

What a journey the past couple of months have been. My studio is so busy if i wasnt going on maternity leave i would seriously consider putting someone on in the office, i am pregnant with my first child, Craig is so busy i barely see him, my closest friends have had a beautiful baby boy, there has been weddings, and twenty firsts and I have loved every minute of it. Except maybe the not seeing Craig so much part. I dont like that part at all!

I have the Jinky Art seminar in canberra coming up soon, so that should be amazing. Actually I am feeling in desperate need for some styled creative shoots, but finding the time can be somewhat tricky. I have one booked in with my hairdresser soon, so will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

As you probably all know the baby is due in June, so I am not taking any session bookings for June in case I go early. Or am exhausted. So i have one, maybe two more spots in May for portrait sessions and then thats it. That will give me a couple of weeks in June to get everyone edited, the wedding albums sorted, prints ordered and picked up, and story books designed. I would love love LOVE to get everything done before i go on maternity leave so that i can actually have three months off without having to pop in and do a bit of work here and there.

I also need to find time to decorate a nursery and I am having crazy nesting urges where I just want to get my house FINISHED. Prettified. Looking good. A cusion here, some handles there. And get my images up on the wall. Instead of sitting framed in a cupboard for four years. My office is begging for the next stage of its makeover.

I will be back at work in October but only part time, so sessions will be limited for Christmas this year. Its going to be mayhem!

A big fat thank you to the clients that have supported me over the past seven years. You have all been amazing, not to mention an informative pool of advice for being pregnant and the best stuff to buy for baby! Hugs!

my mini maternity session { twenty four weeks along }

Wow, having photos taken of myself is tough! I really prefer to be behind the camera. But i have been meaning to get some shots of my belly for ages, I was meant to do a shoot at twelve weeks and now I'm twenty four weeks along. So my fab hair dresser gave me a nice do last night so i was feeling pretty good, so dragged poor Craig in when he finished work ( at about half past nine last night, the poor guy! ) to take some shots of me in the studio. I raided my props box for some groovy hair pieces and we had a quick play.

Taking the shots was hard but showing them on the blog is even harder! I have so many gorgeous women come in for maternity sessions, but I feel like every part of my body has expanded. My boobs almost deserve their own postcode! But in a couple of years time I will treasure these images of my first pregnancy.