Friday, March 04, 2011

my mini maternity session { twenty four weeks along }

Wow, having photos taken of myself is tough! I really prefer to be behind the camera. But i have been meaning to get some shots of my belly for ages, I was meant to do a shoot at twelve weeks and now I'm twenty four weeks along. So my fab hair dresser gave me a nice do last night so i was feeling pretty good, so dragged poor Craig in when he finished work ( at about half past nine last night, the poor guy! ) to take some shots of me in the studio. I raided my props box for some groovy hair pieces and we had a quick play.

Taking the shots was hard but showing them on the blog is even harder! I have so many gorgeous women come in for maternity sessions, but I feel like every part of my body has expanded. My boobs almost deserve their own postcode! But in a couple of years time I will treasure these images of my first pregnancy.

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  1. Looking gorgeous Skye! It's lovely to see you on the other side of the camera. Hope you treasure these shots as much as all of your clients treasure the amazing shots you have taken. I treasure the shots you have taken of my family and I - so very precious. Good luck as bub keeps growing!