Wednesday, March 30, 2011

randim studio & pregnancy update

Twelve weeks to go, and thats if i go right on my due date. Which might be why i have started to panic. And stress. I think maybe i have over committed myself just a wee bit. I have a to do list thats bigger than my baby shopping list! For this reason, I just cant take any more bookings now. I really really do apoligise to clients, new and existing, and I know some people have voiced their... well, their unhappiness at the fact that I am booked up, but I have to put my health and stress levels, and the health of this bub thats growing inside me first.

To answer some frequently asked questions, please read the list below:

What about my gift voucher?
Excellent question. I am more than happy to extend your gift voucher if it expires before I can book you in, but you do need to call or email the studio to i can get the voucher numbers off you and make a note in the file.

When you come back to work, are you booking everything in?
Not exactly. As i will only be part time, I am restricing the booking to kids and babies. So no commercial shoots, real estate head shots, or big extended families for now. And only two sessions a week will be booked when i get from maternity leave.

Did you find out the sex of the baby?
Nope. Which is why the nursery is still white. But white goes with everything, right?

How are you feeling?
Apart from huge ( and everyone keeps telling me how big i am! ) i am doing pretty good. A bit tired as a full nights sleep seems to have been a lifetime ago, and i know thats going to get harder once the baby is born... And maybe a bit overwhelmed by everything, trying to raise a baby and keep my first baby, this business, all happy and working together. And there was something else too but my baby brain is in full swing so i cant remember what it is!

A little birdie told me you might offer digital files soon?
 Maybe maybe maybe! You will just have to keep an eye on the blog and see. But we do have some price list changes coming up. Some new products will come on, some old ones will go out...

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