Friday, March 04, 2011

latest happenings here { bookings and such }

{ Images from Spearmint Baby Blog }

What a journey the past couple of months have been. My studio is so busy if i wasnt going on maternity leave i would seriously consider putting someone on in the office, i am pregnant with my first child, Craig is so busy i barely see him, my closest friends have had a beautiful baby boy, there has been weddings, and twenty firsts and I have loved every minute of it. Except maybe the not seeing Craig so much part. I dont like that part at all!

I have the Jinky Art seminar in canberra coming up soon, so that should be amazing. Actually I am feeling in desperate need for some styled creative shoots, but finding the time can be somewhat tricky. I have one booked in with my hairdresser soon, so will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

As you probably all know the baby is due in June, so I am not taking any session bookings for June in case I go early. Or am exhausted. So i have one, maybe two more spots in May for portrait sessions and then thats it. That will give me a couple of weeks in June to get everyone edited, the wedding albums sorted, prints ordered and picked up, and story books designed. I would love love LOVE to get everything done before i go on maternity leave so that i can actually have three months off without having to pop in and do a bit of work here and there.

I also need to find time to decorate a nursery and I am having crazy nesting urges where I just want to get my house FINISHED. Prettified. Looking good. A cusion here, some handles there. And get my images up on the wall. Instead of sitting framed in a cupboard for four years. My office is begging for the next stage of its makeover.

I will be back at work in October but only part time, so sessions will be limited for Christmas this year. Its going to be mayhem!

A big fat thank you to the clients that have supported me over the past seven years. You have all been amazing, not to mention an informative pool of advice for being pregnant and the best stuff to buy for baby! Hugs!

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