Friday, June 29, 2007

a typical friday at rocket headquarters

Just thought you would like to know how my time table went today :

9:30am prep studio for shoot, answer emails, make the bed
10:00am start studio shoot with two boys, let someone in to look at house
11:30 shoot finished, editing on computer
1:oo meeting with client to plan catalogue shoot
3:00 finish meeting, rush home to start making lunch
3:15 client shows up, no time for lunch, leave in microwave
4:30 finish shoot in studio with two young girls
4:45 finish cleaning up studio, do up a slideshow, answer emails, return phone calls, do some editing, order wedding invitations, order envelopes, blog entry, download files from this morning... eat half of cookie that I left on bench this afternoon
6:00 go to organise shoot location at the funky new Havana Lounge on the main street in Wagga 6:30 microwave meal for dinner
7:00 back on computer, answer more emails, do up quotes, back up files
8:30 drive to junee to prep for a sunday shoot
11:45 back at home, make a hot chocolate with marshmallows
12:00 back on the computer typing up a shopping list and picking colours for the catalogue shoot
1:08am I finally knock off and get some sleep, thinking that I have to get up and do it all again tomorrow... except I've eaten all the cookies...

Note to self : must get more cookies....

jenkins family slideshow

Click here for the slideshow.. this one has a lot of pics so it might take a bit to load...

paige and jaida

The girls soon warmed up ( thanks to mum and dad doing a fabulous performance of the chicken dance ) and we got some great shots in the studio, then off to one of my locations for some winter style shots. Aren't they cute?

Did you know that those blue chairs used to be my great grandmothers? They have been many colours in their life ( including a lurid shade of yellow ) but now they are a funky blue, thanks to my Mum who painted them about twenty years ago...

Click here for the slideshow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

its all back up!

The web site should be working now, as should all the slideshows, and my email as well. Thanks to Nick and Matt!

If anyone finds anything that isnt working please let me know!

Enjoy surfing!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

leavin' on a jet plane

Ok, so think of me, realxing, on the beach, with a cocktail in my hand. Yup, we are heading to Magnetic Island for the weekend to go to a friends wedding. And I dont even have to work! But dont worry, I am going to take all my camera gear with me. How could I not? So I will blog some pics of it when I get back.

So this means I will be out of the office until next Thursday the 28th.


PS; the web site dilemma is still going on, I am starting to get really cranky about the whole thing, but at the moment there is nothing I can do. I just have to wait for them to contact me. It seems to take them a very very long time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

open for suggestions ( almost )

The suggestion box will be open soon. This is the time of the year when I sit back and reflect on what has happened over the past twelve months. Was everybody happy? Can we do more to make you happier? But most importantly, what do the clients want to see happening at Rocket Headquarters?

So as soon as they fix my email ( can you hear me grinding my teeth? ) we will open up the floor for your ideas. The best idea will win a free family portrait sitting. Woo hooo! Prizes! Now ya'll have reason to get typing... as soon as that email thing is sorted out.... sigh...

mekenzie, jake and lochie

These guys kept looking at my camera at random moments and saying "cheeeese". So funny! And I have never seen kids so excited about bubbles. The bottom shot is them waiting for Mum to blow the bubbles, I made them do it a few times cause it was just so fun to watch them race around screaming as the bubbles flew about.

so click here for the slideshow...

brock and madison

These two have personality plus! Brock has the biggest personality but I dont think it will be long before little Madison catches up to her big brother. Don't they look good in red? I put Madison in my red timber tea box to match her red outfit. So cute!

Monday, June 18, 2007

web site STILL down... arghh!!

I am so sorry this is taking so long to fix, I am waiting on a company to get back to me who I have emailed.... I will just have to keep trying!

PS : I have just posted a couple of slideshows out on cd, if you would like to see your slideshow so you can order and dont get a cd in the mail in the next couple of days please call me and I will send you one out. Cheers!

big choices

Just popped these up so we can decide whats gonna look the best on the wall!

Friday, June 15, 2007

gift vouchers

We do great customised gift vouchers that make perfect gifts, they come in a metallic envelope tied up with ribbon. We can do them for any occasion and for any amount, and they are valid for six months. Great presents for new mums, first birthdays, anniversaries... Just good for any present really!

web site still down!

Its so frustrating but at least now we know whats wrong and its in the process of being fixed. So a million apoligies to all who have been trying to view their pics and slideshow so they can order!

cynthia and justin

Cynthia and Justin had their ceremony at the lovely Brucedale Chapel. They had a morning service followed by lunch ( and cupcakes! ) at the Three Chefs at the Townhouse. The wind was a tad chilly but the girls had cute jackets on to keep off the chill as we raced the clock to get back in time for lunch. We made use of the autumn leaves at the Beckwith Street bridge for our first photo stop then made our way around the lagoon at the Civic Centre. All in all, a beautiful day!

So click here to see the slide show of Cynthia and Justin's wedding...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

hot mamma

This is Kylee, my second maternity model. Kylee is only about six months but we decided to do the shoot anyway cause she doesn't live in Wagga so we took the time while she was here to do some now, and then we can do some more when she is nine months!
Kylee tracked me down through my blog ( it turns out we know each other from years ago and her husband was a groomsman at Erin and Clarks wedding ) so I know she will be reading this. So HI Kylee! Hope you like the shots!

yummy mummy

This is Yasmin, my first maternity model. I have BIG plans for some great maternity packages coming up soon. So I needed some great shots to put my promo stuff together. Yasmin was an absolute trooper the whole time, we did a heap of shots and it wasnt particularly warm either!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

lachlan and joshua

Double trouble and cheeky to boot! These boys certainly had me earning my dollars. Their Dad is in the army so Mum wanted some shots of the boys in their army shirts. Don't they look spunky? Meanwhile I was whacking myself on the head with a manic zebra to get them to look at me! The lengths I will go to so I get the shot!

Clcik here for the slideshow...

a slideshow for ava

Click here to start the slideshow...

Click the little squares on the right hand side to get the gallery view so you can see the pics one at a time.

rotten thing - my email and web site is down

Hellloooooo? If anyone is trying to email me or view my web site the rotten thing has gone down, and is in the process of being fixed. Sorry!

Monday, June 11, 2007

hunter's digital story portrait

Just popping this DSP up to make sure Hunters Mum likes it... I love it!

Friday, June 08, 2007

shirts for brides

I got this link off the Country Weddings website, check it out. You can order a hoodie with pink sequins on the back that says 'Bride' or get personalised shirts with your soon-to-be surname on them. Good idea for hens nights!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

nannas are special

These two were just so lovely! Nan reminded me of my Nanna ( who I miss dearly! ) so it was lovely to do a shoot to celebrate the love they have between them.
Nan went shopping just for these photos and she did a great job, doesn't she look like a sweetie?

But a story I have to tell about Jayne. See her beautiful long hair? Well have you seen Mr Bean on Scooby Doo? I saw the ad on tv and I was like "Thats IT". Well people pay Jayne to cut her hair. Seriously. And the hair that Mr Bean was sporting in Scooby Doo? Well that was Jaynes hair. True story! How cool is that? I have been dying to tell someone that all week!

Jayne, hope you and Nan like the pics. See you soon!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

$10 kids portrait special extended!

I cant fit everybody in before the 19th so I have extended this special until the 30th of June. There are only a few Saturday spots left so call to book your spot if you need a weekend shoot!

I am gonna have so much fun!

I am gonna be soooooo busy....
I might go get some gelatissimo.... chocolate.... yummy...