Sunday, December 22, 2013

kourtney { sixteen years old }

My beautiful niece is staying with me, so we did a photo shoot. Its always expected that when she visits a photo shoot will happen. Im not sure whose idea it is. Its just a thing we do. We go shopping, buy props, location scout... then we did the shoot one afternoon, and after losing all the light behind huge clouds and traipsing through a paddock full of purple prickly bush things we went home and came up with a plan B. What if we get up at 5 in the morning? Yeah, totally Kourtney's idea. And it was amazing.

Monday, November 25, 2013

rhys and nate { eleven months old }

This shoot was a long time in the making and way overdue. Lets just say that Jade has had quite a few more shoots than the boys. The trouble is I cant shoot the three of them on location without an assistant because I just cant keep my eyes on all three of them at the same time. So it was Aunty Leeanne for this session. I have done a little studio session with them but for some reason I decided to edit this one first.

So in love with these boys.

And on a side note, trying to get a great shot of my three children together is proving to be mission impossible. But I'll keep trying. You know I love a good photography challenge!

Monday, November 11, 2013

briar { eleven months old }

Miss Briar, such a cutie pie. Her mum and I were doing a shoot for Briar's older sister  and at one point she looked at me and said something like "I'm sorry if I'm a bit off today. Im pregnant" and i was sitting on the floor of the studio feeling very sick for exactly the same reason! Miss Briar was born just one day before the twins and they hung out in the nursery together. I think we're both still in denial that our babies are nearly one year old already.

The little dolly in the photos is for her first birthday, and she got a sneak peek at her photo shoot. Her face just lit up, it was the sweetest thing! It also helped to break her out of her tanty, but I saved that photo for my facebook page.

( Im still on maternity leave, the blog was just feeling so neglected I had to post some pretty pictures )

Sunday, September 29, 2013

jade { a blossom session }

There were so many hours that went into finding this location... its actually a bit ridiculous. And then there were five kids at the session and I was only photographing the two girls, and then we had to set up the teepee tea party and then do you think we could get Jade to smile? Nope. A tiny little one maybe. That was it. But they're still pretty. And Jade is still gorgeous even if she is Miss Serious. Love that girl.


Miss Cheyenne,  you are just growing up way too fast. I have been photographing you since you were in your mummys tummy and now you're at school. One of the benefits of being friends with a photographer is that you will have your years well documented. You will never be able to say to your mum that there were no photos of you when you were little. Your mum started as a client and now she brings me hot chocolate and I get to photograph you and your spunky little brother. Of course it also means your mum has to help me carry props, set up teepees and watch the twins while I do photographs of you... She also has to smile at me every time I say something like "I've got this idea for a photo shoot..." 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

rhys and nate { eight months old }

My poor bloggity blog, you are so neglected lately. My three kiddos keep me very busy. But as a photographer I have to photograph. Its as essential as breathing. So my kids do get plenty of photo shoots. I have had it in my head that I need to sell this beautiful timber cot. I totally love it but my house / studio seems to be shrinking. So i wanted to use it one last time.... and the boys are at one of my favourite ages to photograph. Sitting up really well but not crawling yet and their personality is really starting to develop.The lovely chevron blanket was knitted by nanna and the little yellow dolly cot was a lucky garage sale find. I am always on the lookout for props.

Im still on maternity leave but I am trying to do a few bits and pieces in the office during nap time, or at times like now at half past ten at night where all children are asleep and the dishes are done. ( I wonder how many other Mums use that time to work? ) If you have an order you have been meaning to send please get in touch with me...

Monday, August 12, 2013


So I had another shot at doing the metallic shoot with Jade, and I even got balloons. Can you see them? Umm... no. Thats because they're in the car. Jade didnt like the balloons. Really. But this time I bought Daddy along to be a clown in the background. And to babysit the twins too. I am sooo much happier with how this session turned out.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

jades silver and gold session

The styling for this shoot had been bouncing around in my head for a while, but it was a slow process getting all the bits of the outfit together. I got the little skirt first, and then the idea of a metallic style shoot evolved in my head. Then I found all the other bits over a couple of weeks ( I dont get much time to shop at the moment! ) and finally the tights were the finishing touch. Dont want my little girl to get cold on her photo shoots. I would have loved a big bunch of silver and gold balloons too... but that was just too much for me to organise.

As it was the shoot nearly didnt happen... I really wanted lens flare, that golden hazy light that is so pretty... but by the time I got the twins and jade all loaded up and in the car, plus all the gear i needed, and the nappy bag, then got to the location, unloaded the double pram, both the boys, strapped them in, got their beanies on, got the horse out of the car, got jade ready to go, and dragged that double pram with the boys in it across a paddock that was really really bumpy while carrying a horse and my camera and poor jade fell over at least threee times.... well then the sun had gone down. Seriously. I was shaking my camera at the sky asking myself if it was really all worth the effort. But I'm not one to waste a photo opportunity, so I grabbed some shots before it got totally dark and all hope was lost.

Dont be surprised if you see this same ouftit in another jade photo session... but there might be some balloons next time.

Friday, June 14, 2013

jades autumn session { part two }

Part two of Jades autumn session. Outfit change. She was more interested in trying to feed me apples at this stage, but I can honestly say that the apples were delicious!