Sunday, July 14, 2013

jades silver and gold session

The styling for this shoot had been bouncing around in my head for a while, but it was a slow process getting all the bits of the outfit together. I got the little skirt first, and then the idea of a metallic style shoot evolved in my head. Then I found all the other bits over a couple of weeks ( I dont get much time to shop at the moment! ) and finally the tights were the finishing touch. Dont want my little girl to get cold on her photo shoots. I would have loved a big bunch of silver and gold balloons too... but that was just too much for me to organise.

As it was the shoot nearly didnt happen... I really wanted lens flare, that golden hazy light that is so pretty... but by the time I got the twins and jade all loaded up and in the car, plus all the gear i needed, and the nappy bag, then got to the location, unloaded the double pram, both the boys, strapped them in, got their beanies on, got the horse out of the car, got jade ready to go, and dragged that double pram with the boys in it across a paddock that was really really bumpy while carrying a horse and my camera and poor jade fell over at least threee times.... well then the sun had gone down. Seriously. I was shaking my camera at the sky asking myself if it was really all worth the effort. But I'm not one to waste a photo opportunity, so I grabbed some shots before it got totally dark and all hope was lost.

Dont be surprised if you see this same ouftit in another jade photo session... but there might be some balloons next time.

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