Sunday, November 30, 2008

sunday randomness

Talk about a marathon run. I just edited my fifth portrait shoot today. And its Sunday! The last one is a boudoir shoot that i cant show you yet. Just this little sneak peak. We always get our boudoir clients to approve their shots before they go on the blog. So you might get to see some soon. So its half eight on Sunday evening and I am exhausted. I haven't had dinner yet but some "snack right" biscuits and left over birthday cake have kept me going. I really need to eat better when this deadline is over...
Dont forget the order deadline is this friday! Then can i please have a day off...


Six weeks old and a star. I know he's a star cause it says so on his shirt.
It's lucky that nobody hears me chatting to myself while I'm editing. I'm like " oh thats soo cute, look at those little toes, his mum's going to love that one, ohhh... if that was me I'd get that one huge on the wall... oh that ones cute too.... etc etc etc"
This one was an oops but I kind of liked it anyway... Everyone standing around looking at the baby in the basket.

isabella and mikayla

Its amazing the difference a year or so makes. Last time I shot these two gorgeous girls i could barely get a smile out of Isabella. This time she came in all smiles and was a star model.
I did some funky colours on this one, what do you think? Too much? Groovy?
And these two are from their shoot last year.

the pollard family

This family was so lovely to shoot, the kids were adorable and so well behaved.

elizabeth, josh and amber

These three groovers popped in to get some shots for their mum for christmas. So if you know them, dont tell their mum you saw them here in fabulous black and white.

Friday, November 28, 2008

audrey, graeme, lawrence, brandon, matthew + hayley

Isnt it funny how things sometimes turn out? We did this shoot at their property, and driving on the way there I went past a shearing shed that I had been eying off for years. Every time I drove past it I thought how cool it would be to shoot in there. But their place was a but further down the road... Then we got in the 4WD and drove straight to the shearing shed. Very groovy.

stick a fork in me

Ok, thats me done. I am totally, completely and utterly booked out for 2008.


I am so sorry to anyone who wants to book, but I really want to keep my service standards really high and keep all my existing customers super duper happy and i think if i take any more booking I wont be able to do that.

We will start taking bookings for Januray 2009 after the 12th. We are on a much needed holiday until then.

I have a million portrait shoots to edit, portraits, boudoir, weddings... Wedding albums to design, changes to album to make, thank you cards to design, story book albums to design, orders to do.

Yesterday alone I went to the couriers, the canvas company, the post office, the printers, the framers and took the dog to the vet. Plus I got my nails done, booked two weddings, had clients pick up their prints and do some album changes. I did forget to have dinner though. Oops.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


This family was so sweet. They had received a gift voucher from one of my lovely brides as a gift for when Ethan was born. Isnt he sweet? I love the one with the blue beanie on. Absolute cuteness.

I dont know if you can tell from the pics but Ethan has on a cloth nappy that comes already folded, with ready to go with velcro tabs. These are a great idea for your baby's shots, and much easier than trying to fold a nappy. The only problem is i cant find them? I looked in kmart but no luck... does anyone have any ideas?

the crowleys and the rossers

They visited, they smiled, they rocked.

Anybody who has been in the studio lately has seen that gorgeous little boy on the blue canvas? He's laying down in the top pic here... Well this is his family... extended family! I have done a wedding, baby shots and various family portraits for these guys but we had a good excuse to do another shoot, cause little Timmy had arrived and bought a whole lot of cuteness with him. It must run in the family.
And Miss Abigail. What can is say? A picture says a thousand words!

Thanks for visiting me again!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Which means thats its only four weeks till Christmas. Ok. Excuse me while I panic now. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!

Bring on the holidays I say!

I am pretty much booked out for the rest of the year. Which is amazing and wonderful but also a little sad as i hate having to turn people away, but there are only so many hours in the day and i havent figured out how to clone myself yet. I do have some availability on the 15th and 16th of December. But you wont get your photos until next year.

Ok, back to editing. But before I forget! I got three prints off dazeychic on etsy and got Lillylane to frame them for me in white frames and they are super cute. Cant wait to hang them on my bedroom wall.


Meet Eli. He's six weeks old and has gorgeous little baby lips. And he was the first one to use my spunky new chair.

I shot Eli's mum and dads wedding and it was lovely to see them again with their little boy.

laurens year twelve formal

It was great to get out of the studio and see Lauren and her lovely family again. Lauren is so stylish, and this formal was no exception. Kind of makes me wish I could do mine all over again, but this time make it a stylish affair. No taffeta and spiral perms!
And a favourite from her year ten formal. Groovy huh?