Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I just love these little notepads, with your choice of photo on them. Great for the office. We also do save the date magnets and baby announcement cards and magnets.

on a wing and a prayer

I just got these new fairy wings for the studio, I got two pairs, and one is just tiny, perfect for newborn girls. My next purchase is a tutu. Or three.

pink spotted pilchers

I bought these oobi baby pilchers at Uneke in wagga. How cute are they? The only problem is I have only photographed boys lately, and pink spots dont really suit boys so I haven't had a chance to use them yet. So where are all the baby girls? These are just too cute not to use!
If you want to get some for your baby girl go down to Uneke at the end of Fitzmaurice Street in Wagga. I love that shop! They also have some at Confetti near the Marketplace, another of my favourite shops.

my house is sold!

I had a client come in today and say there was a big SOLD sign out the front! I had no idea the real estate agent had put it up. I guess that makes it official. Its a bit sad really, we have been here for six years and have done so much to the place, and I started my business here.

But bring on the new house! More room, a dishwasher and a walk in wardrobe.

riverina bride magazine

The team at Dobija Publishing just deliverd my copy of Riverina Bride Magazine. I have heaps of photos in there, so if you had a wedding with me last year then check it out, some of your photos might be in there! They retail for $9.95 and are available at newsagents in town. If you're gettting married then have a look, there are some great ideas in there for your wedding.

The pic on the cover ( and more great ones inside ) are by Nicole at Earthcraft Photography in Leeton. If you are getting married in that area you should look Nicole up, she's lovely and her work is gorgeous. But not for later this year because she is having a baby. Good luck Nicole!

diego's encore

Popped these ones up for Diego's nan to have a look at, cause he is such a cutie. I put them in a slideshow cause there was too many to put in the blog page.

Slideshow instructions : click the link below to the slideshow, at any time click the little button on the right hand side, this will show the controls. Click the button that has little squares on it and this will take you to gallery view, which will let you view each pic one at a time and show the names of the pics for ordering purposes.

the slideshow

which one to choose?

Just popped these versions up so the family can pick their favourite. Let me know how you go!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

beautiful kids music

Through the power of surfing the internet I found this wonderful CD for kids music. Its even one I could listen to! I will be trialling it on kids in the studio in the near future, but in the mean time check it out : frances england

She has a wonderful voice and the songs are about fabulous things like tricycles and blue canoes. And not a word about fruit salad, but there is a song about blueberry pancakes.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the fitzgerald family

You cant really go wrong with a beautiful family dressed in white and denim, its a simple classic combination. Combine it with lots of smiles and love and it makes for a great shoot.

And now for the slideshow


What a little sweetie pie! He is the first to use my new funky red chair that I got from Albury. Very cool. Diego had a great time playing in the chair, climbing the ladder and playing hide and seek with the cowboy hat.
So get some popcorn and click for the slideshow

Monday, January 22, 2007

busy busy busy

I really do apoligise to anyone who is waiting for their photos to be edited, we have just sold our house and are in the process of building a new house with a new studio in it. I really had no idea how long it took to build a house! Or how long it takes to pick out taps, tiles and light fittings. I am working on everything as much as I can. Wont be too long!

It doesn't really look much now but its gonna be great when we finish it. At the moment our move date looks to be the 28th of February, but that might change. Hopefully earlier! The big hole on the left is my new studio shoot space, and the doors will all be glass to let in lots of natural light, and the window on the right is my office, and in between is my new meeting area. Look forward to seeing you all in my new space soon!

erwin & chin chin's wedding

Erwin and Chin Chin had a lovely ceremony at the Bamboo Gardens with their reception at the Pavillion on Friday the 22nd of December. The rings were tied to a red rose and guests blew bubbles on their arrival.
Click for the slideshow

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

bronwyn and lukes wedding

Bronwyn and Luke were married at the Mt. Erin Chapel with a reception at the Magpies Nest, which I just love. It has so much character and lots of great shooting spots and you can watch the sun go down over the hills. Beautiful.

Click for the slideshow

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the eden kids plus brutus

A dog has never been so aptly named as Brutus. He is huge. Anyone who has been to my studio has probably met our dog Bracken, who is pretty big. But he's got nothing on Brutus, who even got his photo in the paper last year for winning the biggest dog contest at the Pet and Pony show. We had reindeer antlers on him (this was taken just before Christmas) and we had a lot of people making comments as they went past.

the eden kids

Some more great location portraits, this time in Junee. These kids are just beautiful. One day they will all be famous. Click for the slideshow!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Not only did we get some funky location portraits but we also had a milkshake. And how gorgeous is she? Check out some more in the slideshow.

the stephens kids

More portrait shoots from last year. They were such lovely kids to work with, we shot for over an hour and they were just great. I spent a lot of the time trying to get the little cutie in the tutu to smile, but then one of my favourites ended being a not smiley one anyway. Keep an eye out for it as a canvas print in the studio.

And of course, I did a slide show.
Click here to see it.