Tuesday, November 27, 2012

jack and cheyenne

This shoot was my last location session before my materniy leave started ( I'm so behind on blogging ). My fabulous clients carried everything for this shoot, as I was not supposed to be lifting anything. I had the little sailor hat for ages and was just waiting for the right little spunky boy to come along so i could use it, and Jack fit the bill perfectly. I am going to have to redo it though, when I have more energy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

studio & pregnancy update

Where have I been? Well, Ive been in hospital. These babies of mine decided they would try to arrive on Halloween, and i was air lifted to Sydney via air ambulance in case they arrived. The doctors stopped the contractions so the babies are still on board, but they did keep me in hospital for two weeks in case they decided to try again, which they didnt. I was discharged yesterday, so am taking it super easy. Feet up, on the lounge, doing nothing, trying to keep these twins in just a bit longer.

I have a few orders here that I still need to get out and lots of deliveries arrived while I was away, and I will do little bits here and there as i can to try and get it all done before I go into labour, but as that could happen any time soon Im not really sure how sucessful i will be!

Im so tired and so big and so uncomfortable right now....

And the email is down too, so if anyone has tried to send me an email and its bounced back please send again as the email should be back up today, fingers crossed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

isabelle { five months old }

The sweetest little girl, my last session before I finished up to start maternity leave. 
Such a cute one to finish up on.

Monday, October 29, 2012

a little maternity session for me

So here's me a couple of weeks ago in my fat bumpy glory. My fabulous friend Kylee took these for me one afternoon before we had to pick the kids up from daycare, so it was a pretty quick session, but thats about as much as i can handle anyway. The funniest thing would have been me leaning on a log, laughing, while Kylee stood  behind me and tried to pry my boots off my swollen feet. Im not sure what anybody driving past would have thought we were doing.

Call me a hypocrit but I hate having my photo taken. But i know i would have regretted not documenting this time in my life. Im nearly 31 weeks now and I'm rarely getting off the lounge, unless its to get some kind of milk drink. Or chocolate. Two more sessions to edit and i might even get some time to paint my toenails before these babies arrive. I just have to figuure out how to reach my toes....

ella & connor

I always appreciate the effort my clients go to for their session, with all their gorgeous clothes and getting everything co-ordinated.  We had to postpone this session from the original date and i think their Mum was worried I was going into labour on the day but we made it through and got some great shots of two amazing kids.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Oh Charli girl how i love photographing you. I get to take your photo every year around this time and i look forward to it. Not only does your mum bring you the most gorgeous clothes but I have watched your personality develope over the past five years, and you just crack me up. You couldnt give me a serious expression if you tried ( which i know for a fact, because we did try! ) On this lovely afternoon we got to play with your pretty dresses, avoid bumble bees and huge ants and try to blow some glitter, which is actually much harder to get right than it looks!


Kate is the third child in her family to come and visit my studio, hanging out with me and being all cute.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

almost done

One more week of work to go... if i make it that far. Lets be honest. The past week has been tough, and I just imagine it getting tougher. I am at 29 weeks along now, so its way too early for these bubs to make their entrance into the world, and if i dont take it easy i think they might try to make an early appearance. Its so hard to wind the studio down, but i have to put these babies first. My clients are all mums, they understand. Mums are amazing. It surprises me the strength they can have sometimes. When I ask " how do you cope?" they all say " you just do". We dont know the strength we have until we need it most. And of course chocolate always helps.

At this stage I havent put a return date on going back to work, I might have six months or two years off. I already know I will miss it like crazy, but im pretty sure that when these twins are born, and with jade being her usual hurricane self, I dont think there will be much time for anything else.

Of course I will be posting photos of the babies once I can.

A great big thank you to all the amazing clients I have had over the years, it breaks my heart that so many of you are having babies next year and i wont be able to photograph them. One of my clients is up to her fifth baby and I have photographed the other four... ahhh! But i need to be a mum for a while. I seem to get the most amazing clients and I will miss the stories about your kids, the advice and the ideas on the best places to shop for cute dresses for Jade.

Love to you all.

photographer and mum.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

linda { model session }

The lovely long legged Linda. Photographing model sessions while pregnant is not good for the self esteem! This was the second time Linda and I had worked together and we worked it! The ever fabulous Kath from
Hair Rehab was on hand for makeup and hair and styling. And to carry anything heavy. She is multiskilled. You can tell we have worked together many times, she is even starting to point out good light to me! Thats my kind of hairdresser.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

jade { fifteen months old }

I have been looking for the perfect blossom tree since I started my photography business. It needs to be big, not in someones front yard, have nice light... This one ticked all the boxes. It was blossom heaven. Its a ways out of town, so one afternoon i put Jade in the car and went for a look, as someone had told me where to find it. And there it was, all pretty on the side of a dirt road with lush green grass. It had so many blossoms on it that it looked like a huge fairy floss. So the session was scheduled for that weekend, when it promptly stormed, so bye bye half the blossoms. Then the following weekend Craigs grandfather passed away, the weekend after my uncle was sick, and not long after that he passed away. So it was a month later I finally got a twenty minute window of time with Craig and about a fifth of the blossoms I started with.  But Jade smiled in the session, loved riding the horse and playing in the grass. So all in all it was a beautiful session!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

session sneak peak

Just one from my latest model session, more to come next week.

Monday, October 01, 2012

jack { five months old }

This was meant to be a three month session for Jack but time got away from me. It seems to do that a lot lately! Im twenty seven weeks along with this pregnancy and only have four weeks of official work left, but about ten weeks worth of work to do. Lets see how much i get done! Jack bought his big sister in for a shot or two as well, she is so used to being photographed by me that she just gives me the same half smile the whole session now, I have to do another session on location so I will have to work very hard to get that real smile off her!

Friday, September 28, 2012

cooper { seven months old }

Hello big brown eyed boy. I bet you are gonna break some hearts.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

sophia & charli

It was a lovely day for a teepee party, and although Sophia was all for it
Charli wasnt feeling the best on the day.

8x10 mounted prints are on sale!

I have seven boxed sets of mounted 8x10" images that i would love to sell before i go on maternity leave, so I'm having a sale! They are stored in what will be the twins nursery, so i need the room.

Normally a set of these sells for $490 but I am discounting them down to $350, for the set of ten, thats only $35 each, the same price as a 5x7" print. You dont have to order the same photo, you can have ten different shots, or from different sessions but your order must be received before the 20th of October. And i only have seven boxes. Great idea for Christmas presents, each mount will fit into an 11x14" frame, so they are perfect as gifts.

I have also had clients get them professionally framed and then hang them all together as a beautiful gallery, which looks stunning.

Im also selling my display prints so I can actually get some space to put some images of my own babies on the walls, if you know I have any display images of your kids or your family they will sell for a third of their normal price. Swing me an email if you are interested!

billy { nine days new }

Little Billy came to vist me and he bought his two gorgeous big sisters with him. Doesnt he have the type of cheeks you just want to smother with kisses? And those squishy lips....