Monday, October 29, 2012

a little maternity session for me

So here's me a couple of weeks ago in my fat bumpy glory. My fabulous friend Kylee took these for me one afternoon before we had to pick the kids up from daycare, so it was a pretty quick session, but thats about as much as i can handle anyway. The funniest thing would have been me leaning on a log, laughing, while Kylee stood  behind me and tried to pry my boots off my swollen feet. Im not sure what anybody driving past would have thought we were doing.

Call me a hypocrit but I hate having my photo taken. But i know i would have regretted not documenting this time in my life. Im nearly 31 weeks now and I'm rarely getting off the lounge, unless its to get some kind of milk drink. Or chocolate. Two more sessions to edit and i might even get some time to paint my toenails before these babies arrive. I just have to figuure out how to reach my toes....

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  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Amazing photos Skye!!! You look great, thanks for sharing.
    K Meldrum