Wednesday, October 10, 2012

jade { fifteen months old }

I have been looking for the perfect blossom tree since I started my photography business. It needs to be big, not in someones front yard, have nice light... This one ticked all the boxes. It was blossom heaven. Its a ways out of town, so one afternoon i put Jade in the car and went for a look, as someone had told me where to find it. And there it was, all pretty on the side of a dirt road with lush green grass. It had so many blossoms on it that it looked like a huge fairy floss. So the session was scheduled for that weekend, when it promptly stormed, so bye bye half the blossoms. Then the following weekend Craigs grandfather passed away, the weekend after my uncle was sick, and not long after that he passed away. So it was a month later I finally got a twenty minute window of time with Craig and about a fifth of the blossoms I started with.  But Jade smiled in the session, loved riding the horse and playing in the grass. So all in all it was a beautiful session!

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  1. Beautiful!! Loving the cherry blossom :)