Friday, November 30, 2007

thorp kids

How cute is this?

We got some totally cute shots of little Flynn to start with, then tried to get one of the three of them altogether. We tried everything. I even bribed them with fake santa tattoos.
But it was worth it in the end!

calling all orders!

Today is the last day of November...
which means all your orders
have to be in in five days.
Thats the last day!

So I have posted three shoots today and hope to get two more up tonight ( who wants to go out on a Friday night anyway? ) and I will be editing all day tomorrow as well to get everybody done before next Wednesday.

If you have an appointment scheduled next week, please PLEASE dont forget as we dont have any more left to fit you in. We is full!

Still to blog two engagement sessions, three weddings and at least four more shoots... I think thats it. ( Plus there was a sexy shoot that I did but cant blog ) So if I work flat out non-stop for thirteen hours every day between now and Wednesday I should have enough time to get it all done...
But i did promise my almost mother-in-law i would go to christmas on main with her on sunday... So I better get out of bed even earlier tomorrow.
I miss sleeping in.

the howard family

Whats Sofia pointing at? The funky chicken doing his little dance...

the lawrence family

I always say that good things come in threes, and these gorgeous girls are further proof of that.


Harry really liked his purple ball so we had to get a few shots with that, and then he got to eat some chocolate cake to celebrate his birthday. Absolutely the custest way to eat cake!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a little doll

Just to had to blog these two of Lara my little niece,
who wants to be a model when she grows up.
It was her idea to be a cranky grid iron player.

the wedding of allira and lucas

This was a great wedding. I loved Allliras Mums place. The only drawback was the rain, which started just as we finishded the family photos and didnt stop for two days. It was good rain, it just meant we had to be a bit more creative with our choice of location, especially since there was a line up for the standard wet weather spot that day.

Secretly I think Allira knew it was going to rain, she had given me the family shot list with her wet weather locations on the bottom of the page.
The shot below is on the verandah at Alliras parents house. Check out that rain coming down. Then a big boom of thunder came and I ran back inside. Time for plan B.

I was really impressed with Allira and Lucas on the day, they didnt let the rain phase them even a little bit. Allira even wanted to get the umbrella and go out in the rain at the magpies nest, and I'm glad she did because we got some great shots.
Just grabbed this shot as I was leaving Magpies Next. Yup, I took this in the rain.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

oscars slide show

This guy is just so cute I could smooch him all day long!

Monday, November 26, 2007

never work with children or animals

I dont know who said that, but every time I hear it I think " But I love working with children and animals!" So I figured why not do a shoot and even try and comine the two? So we had thirteen great dane puppies, a little mini dog in a santa suit, a huge bull mastiff called Buster ( who was a walk in - thanks to his owner for indulging us ) and four kids... plus me and Kelly. Yup, all in the studio. We had fun. We made a huge mess... ok well the puppies made the most mess. But it was still fun. So heres the slide show, which I know has been eagerly awaited.

baxter and jazzey

This shoot was so full of energy I almost needed a little lie down afterwards...

Blue shirts make their blue eyes look gorgeous.


Malakai loves his little guitar, it took some serious persuasuion ( which I belive was in the form of lollies ) to get him to put it down for a few shots. How cute does he look in that cowboy hat?

amy's show

Had a great wedding this weekend and while chatting to a regular blog reader ( at least I know I have one! ) she mentioned I had not put up a slideshow for Amy.
So I had to rectify that and pop one up for her.
so a big shout out to NICOLE!!!!! you rock! hope you like the show

Sunday, November 25, 2007

luci and alex

These two are gonna be heart breakers! I think this is the best way to get formal photos, then we did a switch and did a couple in casual clothes to finish off. Have a great time overseas!

Friday, November 23, 2007

shelby and cameron

I don't know what Mum was doing to make them laugh like this, but its just brilliant.

I know, Cameron is totally out of focus, but thats because he didnt stop moving the whole shoot! So this shot kind of sums that up, Cameron running away, doing his own thing, and Shelby waiting patiently, looking cute, with her smile all ready to go. Just love it!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

renee and adams show

second last order done!

It's close to midnight on Thursday and I wish I had gone late night shopping.

But I have just finished putting everyones order together to send off to the lab. In fact, I am about to get in the car and go to the post box.

So that means only ONE order left for this year!
Please get them in before the 5th of December if you can, so I can go to bed early.... Thanks!

And to everyone waiting for their photos to be edited - thanks for being so patient.
Especially the wedding clients, I will do them as soon as possible!
I think another Sunday of editing may be in order.... did I mention I am really looking forward to time off at Christmas! I am thinking a beach... with no phone, no electricity... yup....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the blacklock family

Had a ball shoting these guys, you just cant go wrong with a cute little girl in a fairy outfit. Although it helps when her Dad is behind you with rabbit ears on making her laugh, it was a stellar effort on his behalf. Works much better than saying "look at the photo lady and smile"!

Monday, November 19, 2007

the scown family

I am on a roll with editing! This is the sixth one I have posted in the past two days ( and yes that includes Sunday - if I wasn't doing house work I was editing - can't wait for the christmas holidays! )

The boys made me earn my money for this shoot, Mum had to resort to tickling everyone to get them to smile.

what the??

I dont know whats happened but all the slideshows suddenly dropped out! Hopefully they will all pop backup soon, otherwise email me and i can try and send you a link to your slideshow.
EDITED TO ADD :: okey dokey they are all back up now
( if you cant see the slide shows make sure you have flash player on your computer )

baby cheyenne

Ooh my gosh she is so cute! I was so happy these turned out cause Cheyenne wouldnt settle so we had to put her to sleep, then at the last minute she was all cute expressions so I snapped a heap more. ( Cheyennes Mum was one of my maternity models )

at six months

at almost nine months

and then this gorgeous girl was born

( and she came early so it was lucky we did the second shoot of the belly when we did )