Monday, November 26, 2007

never work with children or animals

I dont know who said that, but every time I hear it I think " But I love working with children and animals!" So I figured why not do a shoot and even try and comine the two? So we had thirteen great dane puppies, a little mini dog in a santa suit, a huge bull mastiff called Buster ( who was a walk in - thanks to his owner for indulging us ) and four kids... plus me and Kelly. Yup, all in the studio. We had fun. We made a huge mess... ok well the puppies made the most mess. But it was still fun. So heres the slide show, which I know has been eagerly awaited.


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Love all the dog photos Skye - they look great!! Must have been a handful!!


  2. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Are you ready to go again? There are 15 puppies this time.