Saturday, February 27, 2010

display idea

Your images dont all have to be the same size, but for a unified look make the frames all the same. And note how the colour scheme is white, blue and touches of yellow.

Image from the Decor8 blog, check out the full blog post here

Friday, February 26, 2010

the wedding of candice & kevin

Candice and Kevin were married in January at the Bamboo Gardens, with a reception at the RSL Club. The boys looked spunky in their hats and boots, and our old shed and paddock for our location photos suited the theme perfectly.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

display idea

I spend so much time in my office, i should really take some time out to give it a revamp and get all my favourite photos and inspirational clippings up and out of the wardrobe. Also loving the line of six little square artworks at the top.

Above the bed is a great spot for artwork and photographs. The colour of the art is picked up in the cushions, and the timber frame leaning on the wardrobe picks up the timber of the boxes and the stools.

Both images from a story on the Decor8 blog, check it out here

aaron { twelve months old }

We got off to a bumpy start, but after a power nap Aaron was all smiles and happy as a lark. His big brother had already visited me when he was twelve months old, so now it was Aaron's turn. I thought big brother Mitchell should get a pic on the blog too.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

thumb wrestling

I am just finishing up a wedding album and wanted to blog this random shot. I grabbed this while i was shooting the bride and groom. The two groomsmen on the right are about to embark on a thumb wrestling match, while the other groomsman is doing a dandy job picking up the three bridesmaids!

Monday, February 22, 2010

what to wear? { for babies }

The question i get asked most is "what do we wear?" I will try and do some blog posts with some ideas of what i think work well for a photo shoot. Of course, you may have ideas of your own that you want to try.

These little onesies are from Pumpkin Patch and you can get them online or instore. they are such pretty colours (they have ones for boys too)

If you want plain white ones these are from
Eeni Meeni, you can get them online or in Wagga at Moo Too.
When bubba is starting to sit up, little nappy covers are the cutest. Plain little singlet optional. These one are from oobi baby, which has some of the cutest clothes, and you can order them online from Babys Got Style, or here in Wagga you can get some at Uneke. They have cute one for boys too. Boys are harder. Just try to get some funky little shirts, so we can get their oh-so-cute bubba chubby bellies. Oobie has some really cute hats for babies, get them in a colour to math their outfit.

And thats about all you need!

I shoot newborns mostly nudie, but a little onesie or nappy covers are cute too.

Friday, February 19, 2010

random { and closed! }

Ok, so I should really be packing my bags but i wanted to do a random blog post first.
  1. We are closed till next Thursday the 25th cause I am off to Sydney. Huge prop shopping session ( try saying that fast five times! ) for saturday, and a turn around the Paddington Markets. Sunday at the beach and then Monday is the AC/DC concert, which sould be interesting!
  2. We are now booking the first week of April, after Easter Weekend, and still have some school holiday spots. Get in while the weather is so nice and book an afternoon location shoot!
  3. I have some creative shoots coming up and i need some models. I will do a model call on the blog later, but i will need some grown up models this time!
  4. I have bought a new motorbike so my red bike ( the Honda CBR 125 ) is now for sale, if you know anyone looking for a great learners bike.
  5. I have some great new products in the works and a new website is underway.
  6. I put a new window display together at Lilly Lane this week, if you are down that end of town have a squiz in the window and let me know what you think.
  7. have a great weekend!
and now i really have to go pack my bags. what do i wear to an ac/dc concert? i have no idea.

olivia { five and a half months old }

I took a lot of close ups of Olivia's eyelashes, i was rather obsessed with them.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the wedding of heidi and scott

This wedding was hot, in so many ways. One being the temperatuere. I mean bust the mercury hot. The bridal party did an amazing job considering they were melting! Heidi picked locations that were totally out of the ordinary which was so much fun for me to shoot.

Ceremony : St Peters Chapel on Main Street in Lake Albert, reception at the Riverine Club. (Where it is rumoured that the bride spent a good part of the evening in the cool room!)


I love me some flare. And a bit of vintage processing. Pretty.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tex, cruise and chevy

The mum of these boys is a regular blog reader ( and i am a regular reader of her blog too ) so I was excited to meet her three spunky boys for a studio shoot.

And for this one I couldnt decide, black and white or colour? So i just blogged both.

Friday, February 12, 2010

crissy { waiting for baby }

Crissy bought her own style to her maternity shoot, and a cute little fella called Harleigh as well. Harleigh's top priority was not getting his photo taken with Mummy's belly, but we managed to get some cute ones of him anyway. And she had totally hot shoes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

nicole { waiting for baby }

Nicole was thirty five and a half weeks for our maternity shoot, and looking fine!
I'm excited to meet the new little person soon. He or she is due in the next two weeks and i already have the time pencilled in my diary.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

zig zag brag books { studio product }

I have been trying in vain to find the time to update my price lists with some of of my new ( and not so new! ) products. These little cuties are zig zag brag books, they come in a little pouch and are perfect for carrying around in your hand bag and showing off your cute kids, or for standing on a desk so you can look at them all the time.

kye { nine days old }

If this doesnt make you clucky i dont know what will. He slept through the whole session. Ok, I'm clucky, who else has their hand up?