Monday, February 22, 2010

what to wear? { for babies }

The question i get asked most is "what do we wear?" I will try and do some blog posts with some ideas of what i think work well for a photo shoot. Of course, you may have ideas of your own that you want to try.

These little onesies are from Pumpkin Patch and you can get them online or instore. they are such pretty colours (they have ones for boys too)

If you want plain white ones these are from
Eeni Meeni, you can get them online or in Wagga at Moo Too.
When bubba is starting to sit up, little nappy covers are the cutest. Plain little singlet optional. These one are from oobi baby, which has some of the cutest clothes, and you can order them online from Babys Got Style, or here in Wagga you can get some at Uneke. They have cute one for boys too. Boys are harder. Just try to get some funky little shirts, so we can get their oh-so-cute bubba chubby bellies. Oobie has some really cute hats for babies, get them in a colour to math their outfit.

And thats about all you need!

I shoot newborns mostly nudie, but a little onesie or nappy covers are cute too.

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