Friday, February 19, 2010

random { and closed! }

Ok, so I should really be packing my bags but i wanted to do a random blog post first.
  1. We are closed till next Thursday the 25th cause I am off to Sydney. Huge prop shopping session ( try saying that fast five times! ) for saturday, and a turn around the Paddington Markets. Sunday at the beach and then Monday is the AC/DC concert, which sould be interesting!
  2. We are now booking the first week of April, after Easter Weekend, and still have some school holiday spots. Get in while the weather is so nice and book an afternoon location shoot!
  3. I have some creative shoots coming up and i need some models. I will do a model call on the blog later, but i will need some grown up models this time!
  4. I have bought a new motorbike so my red bike ( the Honda CBR 125 ) is now for sale, if you know anyone looking for a great learners bike.
  5. I have some great new products in the works and a new website is underway.
  6. I put a new window display together at Lilly Lane this week, if you are down that end of town have a squiz in the window and let me know what you think.
  7. have a great weekend!
and now i really have to go pack my bags. what do i wear to an ac/dc concert? i have no idea.


  1. i hear that jeans and a ac/dc t-shirt is all the go for the concert lol (or so i was told by ppl that went)

  2. I wore jeans and boots and was sooooo hot! If i ever go to another one i am wearing my sneakers!