Friday, March 28, 2008

a slideshow for kath and guys wedding

Thanks for the hot choccy and the muffin this morning Kath!
Youre fabulous, hope you're feeling better. My shout for chocolate treats next time!

This is the majority of the pics taken so this will take a while to load. Click play to start the slideshow download, and then to view the pics one by one, click the little square on the right hand side. This will give you a gallery view and will let you click through the images one by one. Happy viewing!

fashion parade for a good cause

Some of you probably dont know this, buy my Mum has MS. She's got it pretty bad, and she's in a nursing home. She's not even sixty yet.

Anyway, there is a fashion parade fundraiser for MS at the Rules Club on the 2nd of April, starting at 7pm. The fashions are by Curvy Chic, shoes by McArthurs, hair by Mink and makeup by Nutrimetics. The cost is $20 and this includes a light supper, the show and lucky door prizes.

At the moment there has been very little tickets sold, and Craigs cousin Debbie, who also has MS, is trying to get as many people as she can for this cause.

This cause is so close to home for me that i really want to help as much as i can. Who knows, maybe it will me one day in the future who will benefit from research into this disease.
To order your tickets call Debbie on 6931 4452 or 0419 879 063.

So if you can go that would be great, and Craig and I will see you there. Thank you.
( The photo is of my mums bed, before i rearranged it for a photo shoot... in case you were wondering of its relevance! )

Thursday, March 27, 2008

the dunn family

Had a ball shooting these guys, they were such a great family. The girls were so fun.
Look out Americas next top model!


Isabelle is the girl with the blue eyes on my wall in the client area. Well shes gone and grown up lots more, so we did another shoot, this time in the studio. She had a chinese style top that was a fabulous colour so we used that for a lot of shots, and I had the parasol in the props box. And then we played lots of games!

the knott family

I felt bad for making Neil move all the cars and the horse buggy around to try and get some nice light. But i think the blue of the tractor and the corrugate make for a great back drop. Thanks for having me over, and for showing me the cubby house. Even if i wasnt allowed in cause i'm a girl.

eh for sale!

What is with this cold weather? Last week my car temperature thingie was telling me it was 39 and this morning it was ten. TEN! Are you serious? I hate the cold weather. My heater tried to kick start itself yesterday as the temp in my house got down to fifteen degrees. And i have pulled out my trackie dacks and jeans and boots. I want the warm weather back!

Now i have that out of my system, we will resume our normal programming.
Does anyone want to buy my EH? I bought it to do up, but since then we moved and have no shed to do it in. So its in Craigs mums backyard under a car cover. Its totally original, with a new interior restored to original. The engine etc has never been changed. It was registered when we bought it but we let it run out. Just send me an email if you're interested.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

the wedding of peta and rick

It seems that every wedding I've done lately its been really hot, and Peta and Ricks was no exception. To try and get some nice light, i made them all climb the fence at the river and trek into a paddock so i had the shade from some big trees. But it was totally worth it! We got some great shots, and then did some with the funky big red car, which was totally cool.

Seriously, how adorable is this page boy?

Peta had said that she was going to jump in the fountain when we got to the memorial gardens, but some naughty people had filled it with bubbles. Evidently they got busted because they took photos of themselves doing it. If they had just waited ten minutes i would've got photos of Peta in the fountain! Anyway, the bridal party all sat around the edge of the fountain, and the boys tails fell in and got totally drenched. Hence the pic above, of Rick wringing the water out of his suit.

alex and isabelle

These top two were from Isabelle's first session a while ago, which was a surprise for her Mum.
Since then Isabelle has got a little brother, Alex, who is a bit cute.
Check out those lovely eyes and that adorable smile!

I grabbed this last one as the family was about to head out the door, shoes on, all ready to go.
I just thought the hat was so cute on her, and it matched her pretty shirt.

(And a big hello to Pip and Scott, who I know will be checking the blog to see the pics! )

Click play to get the slideshow started, and click the little square on the right hand side to ge to the gallery view. To order you need to view the pics individually and use number with your name in front of it. This is a lot of pics so it may take a while to load. Happy viewing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

maternity shoot

Just a little sneak peak from a maternity shoot I did recently.

People keep saying " Oh, I've seen your blog and you look really busy!" to which I reply "There's about another dozen or so that dont go on the blog!" which is supposed to explain why I wanted to pop this one up.

Lots more work to come!

Monday, March 17, 2008

the somerville family

Judds mum and dad said he usually turns the smiles on for anyone. He did turn them on for me, but only for a split second, so i had to be super quick pressing that camera button. Lucky I caught some. And how cute is he? Loving all those colours too.

angus, hamish, joel, vincent, emily, joseph and louisa

Yup, seven kids in the studio at once. I think its my record!

But we had tons of fun, and I found bits of confetti in the strangest places...

Sometimes to get the good ones, you gotta take some silly ones.

michael, lachlan, bianca, zoe and niamh

Had a ball shooting these guys in the studio, we threw confetti everywhere and sung "twinkle twinkle little star" a lot, cause Niamh would love it and it would make her smile.