Sunday, March 09, 2008

random sunday blog post

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "you're not supposed to work on sundays!" And thats totally true, sundays are my day to catch up on the stuff i didnt have time to do during the week. Like housework. But today i made an exception for a cute little girl and her daddy.

But now i am supposed to be doing the house work thing and i totally dont feel like it. We recently made the decision to pay someone to clean our house. Seriously! We both work six days a week ( ok, seven but this week doesnt count ) and usually till late hours of the day, so .... we want a housekeeper!

While i was downloading the cards from my five portrait shoots from this weekend, i was doing a bit of surfing and found this totally cool print on etsy and i want one. Its by Studio Mella and i think a row of these in my bedroom would be totally cute.

We went and saw the move 10,000 BC last night and it was ok. I liked 27 dresses cause it was all about wedddings and i related to everything! Jumper wasnt too bad either, but i liked The Bucket List. It was a feel good movie.

So enough procrastinating, i really have to go clean my floor... And then editing tomorrow!

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