Monday, March 24, 2008

the wedding of peta and rick

It seems that every wedding I've done lately its been really hot, and Peta and Ricks was no exception. To try and get some nice light, i made them all climb the fence at the river and trek into a paddock so i had the shade from some big trees. But it was totally worth it! We got some great shots, and then did some with the funky big red car, which was totally cool.

Seriously, how adorable is this page boy?

Peta had said that she was going to jump in the fountain when we got to the memorial gardens, but some naughty people had filled it with bubbles. Evidently they got busted because they took photos of themselves doing it. If they had just waited ten minutes i would've got photos of Peta in the fountain! Anyway, the bridal party all sat around the edge of the fountain, and the boys tails fell in and got totally drenched. Hence the pic above, of Rick wringing the water out of his suit.

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