Thursday, March 27, 2008

eh for sale!

What is with this cold weather? Last week my car temperature thingie was telling me it was 39 and this morning it was ten. TEN! Are you serious? I hate the cold weather. My heater tried to kick start itself yesterday as the temp in my house got down to fifteen degrees. And i have pulled out my trackie dacks and jeans and boots. I want the warm weather back!

Now i have that out of my system, we will resume our normal programming.
Does anyone want to buy my EH? I bought it to do up, but since then we moved and have no shed to do it in. So its in Craigs mums backyard under a car cover. Its totally original, with a new interior restored to original. The engine etc has never been changed. It was registered when we bought it but we let it run out. Just send me an email if you're interested.

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