Friday, October 28, 2011

booked and bookings

Booked out for 2011 and a waiting list for 2012.

With only a few weeks left till my Christmas cut off dates, there are no bookings left for this year. I have a waiting list for next year, and as soon as I get daycare dates and such sorted I will start taking bookings for 2012. Keep in mind that i often book out months ahead, so if you have a special date you would like you need to get in early.

I will be working around Jade next year, so I am cutting back on work a bit. I'm not doing weddings anymore, the studio will just be all about the babies and kids.

abbie { nine months old }

Abbie's big brother had his turn at rocking the camera, so now its Abbie's turn. Doesnt she have the most gorgeous big brown eyes?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

jade { twenty three week old mini session }

One of the benefits of having a studio at my disposal is being able to pop Jade in for a quick session. She is getting really clever now, although sometimes she pokes herself in the face with a rattle. What a difference a day makes though, the top two were taken one morning and the bottom three the next day. She was in a totally different mood. Just goes to show you cant pick it.

All of these props and hats are from my props box. Although its more of an overfllowing cupboard than a box! The hats are from the MILK collection, the pink flower is just from Big W ( and it was on sale for $4 too! ) the other flower clip is from 7 Lil Girls ( find them on facebook ) and I made the bottom one.

Hello cutie pie!

display ideas

Love this idea, three big images in lovely white frames. If these images were smaller it would lost impact. 

Source: None via Lindsay on Pinterest

A grid display is a great way to get lots of images to look good together.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

charli { a beautiful girl on location }

I heart photographing Charli this much, says the photographer, throwing her arms open wide. Maybe even more. She is such a gorgeous girl, with a pretty wardrobe and a sparkly personality. She's a rock star.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

audrey + henry { on location }

I took a lovely drive out to photograph Henry and Audrey on their old red tricycles. Audrey loved sitting up on the bike, and Henry would give the Energizer bunny a run for his money.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

jade { twenty one weeks old }

My baby girl will be five months old on Sunday. Thats nearly half a year already! 

I have had these absolutely adorable pants in the prop cupboard for a while now, and i couldnt wait any longer to use them. Which is just as well, cause the little onesie i bought to go underneath it didnt fit her anymore, and i had to do the shoot with the snaps open, but you cant tell. Can you??

I am so in love with this girl, its such a time waster just watching her learn new things every day.

 Look at her crazy hair! She spewed at least four times during this session, and the last one was just as i had finished and picked her up, and it required me to wash my hair. She's so classy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

millicent + lucida + violet + saffi

Four gorgeous girls in the studio. Loving those gorgeous outfits, and all that colour. Their clever mum made lots of pretty things for them to wear.

display ideas

In love with this! I have been looking for inspiration to do a photo gallery in Jades nursery. Actually, to tell the truth, i am always on the lookout for photo displays. I actually found a similiar image ( might even be the same image? ) of the dog in the bicycle basket, but it was really expensive, so of course i am now planning to do a session with a pink bicycle and a dog! If i ever get the time... one day!

And loving all the colour on the white background on this one.

{ Images via Pinterst }

Thursday, October 06, 2011

jade { nineteen weeks old }

Is she not the cutest little thing? This was just a little bitty shoot to celebrate her new trick, she can hold her head up now! So that means lots more photo sessions on the way. Once i figure out how i want to style them, and what she's going to wear.  Her skin is looking so much better, its been a battle to get it looking so good but totally worth it. I miss chocolate though.

The sweet hat is from Vintage Stash. I love that shop. I borrowed it from my props box for the session, and maybe for a shopping trip or two.