Monday, July 30, 2007

gundagai on sunday

So I had a huge list of things I wanted to do on Sunday, the most important being to clean my bathroom. Then Craig pipes at eleven or so and says "Are you ready to go?" And of course I have no idea what he's on about, then off we go to Gundagai. So no clean bathroom, but while Craig was doing boy stuff I managed to get some shots around town. I actually cant remember the last time I did a shoot just for me, once I got into the zone I saw shots everywhere, but then ran out of light and had to go home. And still didnt clean the bathroom!
I aboslutely love the 2nd shot from the bottom, its an old nursery, and I got lots of prickles on the edge of the road while I took this shot, so I'm glad it worked out. I think I'll get this printed for my house.

little emily ( round two )

I got to photograph Emily again last week, and I swear she is just getting cuter. My little model! I bought a big round basket in Melbourne, and some rainbow style fairy wings so we played with them for some shots.
Click here for emily's slideshow ( this is all the pics so it might take a bit to load )

Friday, July 27, 2007

the artlounge shoot

Gosh I am so excited! I just checked the artlounge site and my photos are on there! I shot the pics for their new catalogue.

I used some back lanes and the chevy for this collection I shot the gyspy set first in Havana Lounge ( above ) but then we wanted to make sure we had the shot so a wall was painted and the candles were lit

in the studio ( at about two in the morning! we had tight deadlines )
my parents house, I stripped the bedroom clean and we created this set with my saddle and Frenchie's boots
in the studio

in B's bedroom ( who liked our decorating so much they have left it that way )
pink with my grandmothers tea set

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WANTED your opinion

OK, so I have done it, I have finally caught up! Usually July is my quietest time, but not this year, I have never been so busy before!

So now I have time to take stock here at Rocket Headquarters, and I want your opinion.

What do you want to see here at Skye Rocket Studio? What designs do you want, do you want more framing options, more designs, less designs? What samples do you want to see on the wall, what type of albums do you want to see, what type of shoot do you want? I want to know everything!

Very soon we will be sending out postcards to everyone to get your opinions, and we will putting them in a big hat and picking some out to give prizes to. So its totally worth sending them in! Plus you will help to improve Skye Rocket Studio. Or just send me an email.

So get your thinking caps on, we want good honest opinions from everyone!
So now where did I put that list of about forty things I need to do when I get time?

choices for ellie

I would swear on my favourite blue pen that I posted these last week, but evidently I didn't. Sorry about that! But anyway, here they are, and the slideshow is here. Happy choosing!

three generations

Just love these ladies. You can feel the connection between them. Ok, so the top pic is probably a bit too funky, but it was fun to do, and I think it looks groovy...


Happy first birthday to Mackenzie! We did a cute little shoot in the studio with her grandmas beads. Just too cute!

Click here for the slide show...

Monday, July 23, 2007

bridie and maddison

There is just something so totally peaceful about a sleeping baby. Mostly we prefer them awake, but little Bridie had the snuffles and wasnt very happy, so I snapped some shots of her having a little sleep. Big sister Maddison was on hand to offer cuddles. Aren't they sweet? And seriously cute kisses from Dad!

the lean family

We started off at the family home with some brick wall texture and then went for a walk to the park. Its the little one near Myers, a good spot for a shoot, it has a little bridge and some nice big trees. We just needed a little fishing boat...

Clickity click here to see the slide show...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

i'm going shopping

Guess what? I checked my diary for tomorrow and I have no appointments, and then i checked saturday and guess what? No appointments. And again, no appointments on sunday either. Wow, a weekend free! so i have decided to go shopping. in melbourne. well you see i need a back drop system. i love shooting on white, but i miss black. i need black. and to get it i need a back drop system. so off i go to melbs! i love melbourne a lot. so will be back on monday to work again. i have editing to do.

im going to pack now...

and happy birthday to melissa, happy birthday to yoouuuuuuuu......

shooting passion

Ok, this shoot was soooo much fun. About twenty girls, some makeup artists, a couple of umbrellas and some trench coats.... What could be more fun? This shoot is to promote Passions for the formal season. And how good do these girls look? I cant wait to see what they wear to their formals!
I've had a few emails asking if girls can get copies of their photos, and yes you can, you just need to see yvette at passion. Hope you like them!