Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WANTED your opinion

OK, so I have done it, I have finally caught up! Usually July is my quietest time, but not this year, I have never been so busy before!

So now I have time to take stock here at Rocket Headquarters, and I want your opinion.

What do you want to see here at Skye Rocket Studio? What designs do you want, do you want more framing options, more designs, less designs? What samples do you want to see on the wall, what type of albums do you want to see, what type of shoot do you want? I want to know everything!

Very soon we will be sending out postcards to everyone to get your opinions, and we will putting them in a big hat and picking some out to give prizes to. So its totally worth sending them in! Plus you will help to improve Skye Rocket Studio. Or just send me an email.

So get your thinking caps on, we want good honest opinions from everyone!
So now where did I put that list of about forty things I need to do when I get time?

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