Monday, May 31, 2010

the inspire me seminar

When I mention that I was in Surfers Paradise for a couple of days everyone seemed to think I was having a little holiday. I wish! It was all work stuff. Really! I went to a workshop and met some fabulous photographers and shared a house with some amazing women ( and one man, who is probably still dazed! ). The pics above are some of the shots I took, but I cant really take credit for the shot below, cause I shot it over the teachers shoulder.

Big thanks to Brianna Graham, Ashley Skjaveland, and Raye Law for sharing their knowledge and their passion, and to Ainslie and Mark for being such fabulous hosts.

Friday, May 28, 2010

caden { ten months old }

Some days are more serious than others, and the day of Caden's ten month shoot was a very serious day. He only have me a couple of little smiles, and he made me work hard to get them. But i dont mind. I love the serious looks. I just like to think that he is saving all his smiles up for his one year old shoot!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

jack { seven months old }

This is such a good age to photograph, as they aren't yet up and running away from me! At first Jack was quite shy, but then his mum busted out in song and Jack was all smiles. And very cute smiles too! I wanted to hug my screen while I was editing him, which has nothing to do with the fact that I go a big new screen to edit on.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

paige, jaida and halle

Gorgeous family, gorgeous girls and gorgeous outfits.
A triple dose of gorgeous, all in one blog post.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I always find it funny how some things just stick in your head. Years ago I was driving to visit my mum, the sun was shining, the sky was a dazzling blue, the canola was like a blanket of gold. Jimmy Barnes blared from the cd player, and a soft breeze tousled my hair. I had a moment, a speck in time, where I thought "life is good". I had just started by business and had no idea where the journey of life was taking me. The theory of life being good was new to me. So i savoured the moment, filed it away for future use. And sometimes when I wonder what the hell i am doing, i look back at that moment.

When i arrived at mum's i waved my arms in the air and announced that i had a moment. Maybe i was a tad too dramatic. My mother was less than impressed with my new outlook on life. I realised then that so much of my perspective on life had come from my mum, and being positive was something i was going to have to practice at. So now I hunt for those moments, the ones that make you smile, get a little glow, feel good about life. And i look for the silver lining in everything.

When the phone is ringing off the hook, the email is beeping persistenly at me, the to-do list never ever seems to get shorter I look for the moments. Dropping an album off to a beautiful client, and getting warm thanks in return. The shy smile of a two year old. The colour of the clouds as the sun sets. Tiny little moments.

display idea { pretty with pink }

Can you believe that wall paper is actually hand stencilled? Wow.

All the frames were painted black for a cohesive look. Image from Style Berry Blog.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dougie & elliott

These boys pulled out some rockin' Michael Jackson impersonations during their photo session. Hilarious. Being boys there was also a lot of wrestling going on.

Monday, May 17, 2010

acacia { part two }

Her mum was a bit worried about the red, because Acacia is a girl who wears a lot of pink. But it just looks stunning on her. Add a borrowed gumball machine and some stripes and texture in a scarf for a great combination.

Friday, May 14, 2010

alarna's shoot { part two }

This is the second part of Larna's vintage inspired fashion shoot. Isnt she gorgeous? Larna styled all her own clothes for the shoot ( i told you she has good taste! ) but the red shoes are from my collection. Someone once told me you cant have a bad day in red shoes so i have five pairs. True story. The red flower is from Sportsgirl and the green chair is from Chontelle, who came over from Young to shoot with me. Hope she had fun!

Big thanks to Kath Bodkin for doing the hair and makeup. She is a rock star.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

out of the studio

Just a reminder that I am now out of the office till the 24th of May. I am headed off to Surfers Paradise for a portait workshop with some amazing photographers.

I will respond to all emails and phone messages when i return.

On another note, today is my birthday. Obviously I wont be doing much as I will be in transit from Canberra to Surfers Paradise, but i do plan to fit some shopping in there somewhere. And maybe some cake. Definately cake.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I met gorgeous Evie at her house as her family prepared for her Christening. Isnt she the sweetest thing with her flower and black sparkly shoes?

{ I had a serious case of house envy when i visited. Beautiful colours, funky furniture, that beautiful bed, artworks... yup, i was envious. }

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what to wear { for girls }

This outfit is from Pumpkin Patch. Beautiful strong colour and lovely texture in the hat.

acacia { part one }

Somebody call Next Top Model! I have the next winner right here on my blog.