Monday, May 24, 2010


I always find it funny how some things just stick in your head. Years ago I was driving to visit my mum, the sun was shining, the sky was a dazzling blue, the canola was like a blanket of gold. Jimmy Barnes blared from the cd player, and a soft breeze tousled my hair. I had a moment, a speck in time, where I thought "life is good". I had just started by business and had no idea where the journey of life was taking me. The theory of life being good was new to me. So i savoured the moment, filed it away for future use. And sometimes when I wonder what the hell i am doing, i look back at that moment.

When i arrived at mum's i waved my arms in the air and announced that i had a moment. Maybe i was a tad too dramatic. My mother was less than impressed with my new outlook on life. I realised then that so much of my perspective on life had come from my mum, and being positive was something i was going to have to practice at. So now I hunt for those moments, the ones that make you smile, get a little glow, feel good about life. And i look for the silver lining in everything.

When the phone is ringing off the hook, the email is beeping persistenly at me, the to-do list never ever seems to get shorter I look for the moments. Dropping an album off to a beautiful client, and getting warm thanks in return. The shy smile of a two year old. The colour of the clouds as the sun sets. Tiny little moments.


  1. Kylee xo9:29 PM

    aahh you made me smile when i read this it is true in so many ways, love it... :)

  2. Steph9:28 AM

    Skye, this is so true, it's hard some times though to be in those kinds of moments, but little things like a gorgeous day, or a beautiful flower that make you smile can make it all better...your post has made me smile :)