Sunday, September 29, 2013

jade { a blossom session }

There were so many hours that went into finding this location... its actually a bit ridiculous. And then there were five kids at the session and I was only photographing the two girls, and then we had to set up the teepee tea party and then do you think we could get Jade to smile? Nope. A tiny little one maybe. That was it. But they're still pretty. And Jade is still gorgeous even if she is Miss Serious. Love that girl.


Miss Cheyenne,  you are just growing up way too fast. I have been photographing you since you were in your mummys tummy and now you're at school. One of the benefits of being friends with a photographer is that you will have your years well documented. You will never be able to say to your mum that there were no photos of you when you were little. Your mum started as a client and now she brings me hot chocolate and I get to photograph you and your spunky little brother. Of course it also means your mum has to help me carry props, set up teepees and watch the twins while I do photographs of you... She also has to smile at me every time I say something like "I've got this idea for a photo shoot..." 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

rhys and nate { eight months old }

My poor bloggity blog, you are so neglected lately. My three kiddos keep me very busy. But as a photographer I have to photograph. Its as essential as breathing. So my kids do get plenty of photo shoots. I have had it in my head that I need to sell this beautiful timber cot. I totally love it but my house / studio seems to be shrinking. So i wanted to use it one last time.... and the boys are at one of my favourite ages to photograph. Sitting up really well but not crawling yet and their personality is really starting to develop.The lovely chevron blanket was knitted by nanna and the little yellow dolly cot was a lucky garage sale find. I am always on the lookout for props.

Im still on maternity leave but I am trying to do a few bits and pieces in the office during nap time, or at times like now at half past ten at night where all children are asleep and the dishes are done. ( I wonder how many other Mums use that time to work? ) If you have an order you have been meaning to send please get in touch with me...