Friday, February 29, 2008


What a little spunky monkey.

Click the little square on the right hand side to get the gallery view so you can see the pics one by one and get the numbers you need to order. Happy viewing!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

saturday shoot date

Hot date! I have Saturday the 8th of March free for portraits shoots, and this is the ONLY Saturday available until July. I have already booked two spots, so still have a 9am spot and a 2pm spot. I might even squish someone in if they want to do a location shoot at 5:30.
( EDITED TO ADD :: totally booked up now ! )

Please let me know if you would like to book a time. Would love to meet you!

six month cheyenne

Whenever Cheyenne comes in for photos, I always have a pile of new stuff I want to try out. I call her my experimental baby! So for this shoot I tried my new pink texture wrap, and some bright colours. She's such a cutie pie!

Check out the slide show ( a lot of pics so it might take a while to load )

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kath and guy's wedding

This was just a beautiful wedding. Maybe it was because I have known Kath for years ( there were three other brides I have shot at her wedding! ), or because I knew a lot of the guests, or maybe it was that potent cocktail that Kath got me, but I really enjoyed this wedding. It could have even been because Craig and I were invited guests... Actually Craig was meant to second shoot for me, but that didn't work. He managed to take about five shots all day. He obviously has more passion for building than for photography. I doubt we will be photographic partners anytime soon!

Lots of lovely texture on this one, taken in the chapel on Main Street at Lake Albert.
Such a cute church and you can have a celebrant.

I loved Kaths flowers ( I am getting the phone number of the florist )
and I got to take home a beautiful bunch of flowers off the table. So pretty!
And a little self portrait of me, taken on the bumper of the chevy. I know, I'm a dork!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

shoe shot

This one is from Matty and Jills wedding.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the wedding of nicole and anthony

These guys were so much fun to work with! I had a great day shooting
around the civic centre and then out of town on a dirt road for some more photo lovin'.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

shout out!

A big hello to the seven grooms and five brides ( and I am sure there were a couple of groomsmen and bridesmaids as well ) who I ran into at the chopper show on Friday night.


Can you believe it? I have the best clients. The show wasnt too bad, I thought some bits were funny and other bits I was just saying to myself "I dont think thats funny?" but everyone else thought it was funny, so I think its just my strange sense of humour. It was just great to see so many of the couples I had photographed there.

I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago ( and was also a guest ) and there were four brides I had photographed at that wedding, not to mention Dave, the best dj ever... Great wedding!

AND big congratulations to all my lovely brides who have had ( or are having ) babies! I hope to see you all in the studio soon for maternity or baby photos or a combination of both.
I love the squishy babies!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

shoe shot

I have a thing about nice shoes. This is one of my favourite shoe shots from Lisa and Scotts wedding. She had these great textured pillows on the bed. Love it!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

mood boards

I just found this great blog that has mood boards for weddings, which is a fab idea. There are some great ideas on there to help with your wedding planning. I like this one. Its pretty...


Only three weeks old. So tiny, so cute. This is the best time to do new born shots, at about two or three weeks of age, while they are so innocent... and squishy... and sleepy...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

more from wee jasper

Just a couple more from our australia day camping trip.
I had some nice comments on the other ones!
AND guess what? I have had visitors to this blog from Mexico, America,
Spain, France, Italy, Canada, Brazil and Belgium.
How totally cool is that? Hello to the rest of the world from Wagga Wagga!!!!!!
Ok I know - overuse of exclamation marks, but I'm so excited!
Almost doing a little jiggy dance.

happy valentines day!

Technically its not until tomorrow, but Craig gave me a present today as he will be away tomorrow. I have been lusting after a love links bracelet for ages, and clients kept coming in with them on. I love the idea of being to add to them as you go along. I got a little dog to remember Bracken ( i miss my dog ), an "S" for Skye ( Craig also said it was for other words starting with S but i probably shouldnt list them here! but they were all complimentary ) and a little star cause craig thinks I am a star. How cute is that? I totally love it. I got Craig a kick bag ( which hasnt even arrived yet! ) not very romantic but he prefers practical presents...

So happy valentines day to everyone!

Hope you all get something romantic and gooey and lots and lots of lovin'.


hot dates

Weddings : I am pretty much at my quota of weddings for this year, I still have the 25th of October free but have had a lot of enquiries for it this week so I am fairly sure it will be booked soon. I also have some in late November and maybe one in December but thats about it, unless your wedding is in July or August in which case i am totally free.

Between now and July i have three weekends free ( not counting the six weeks i will be in morooco, spain and portugal ). One weekend i will be Sydney for more bridesmaid shopping but the other i think i will open up for portraits... so thats on the 8th of March. So please let me know if you are interested as it will book up fairly quick.

So the 8th of March - one and only Saturday shoot date! Get it while its hot!

( Till July anyway ).

Monday, February 11, 2008

kim + pauls e shoot

I love doing engagement shoots. A couple in love, and they let me shoot wherever I want. Even though we had to shoot in the rain for a bit, it didn't matter. I am in love with this location! I did have big pink heart balloons to use, but in the rain we didnt get a chance to get them out... then i forgot all about them till i tried to get back in my car and they tried to escape.