Sunday, February 17, 2008

shout out!

A big hello to the seven grooms and five brides ( and I am sure there were a couple of groomsmen and bridesmaids as well ) who I ran into at the chopper show on Friday night.


Can you believe it? I have the best clients. The show wasnt too bad, I thought some bits were funny and other bits I was just saying to myself "I dont think thats funny?" but everyone else thought it was funny, so I think its just my strange sense of humour. It was just great to see so many of the couples I had photographed there.

I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago ( and was also a guest ) and there were four brides I had photographed at that wedding, not to mention Dave, the best dj ever... Great wedding!

AND big congratulations to all my lovely brides who have had ( or are having ) babies! I hope to see you all in the studio soon for maternity or baby photos or a combination of both.
I love the squishy babies!

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