Wednesday, February 06, 2008

lisa+shaun | e shoot

These are two of my favourite people in the whole wide world. And they're getting married! And i get to be bridesmaid and someone else gets to take the photos.
I havent decided if thats good or bad yet.

Anyways, I shot Lisa and Shaun years ago in the studio and they have a big print up in the lounge room and every time i look at it i think " thats just not them ". So when they got engaged last year i decided it was time for a reshoot. Something funky, grungy and so much more fun. So when we were in Sydney after new years we all jumped in the car and went and did a funky shoot.

The second part of the shoot... well, lets just say that Shaun has more shoes than me. Yup. Seriously. Shaun is a BIG fan of converse. He has a humungous collection. So we had to use them in the shoot. They filled the boot of my Suzuki. And the collector edition ones were still at home.

Lisa and Shaun - love you guys! Hope you like the pics!

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