Tuesday, February 05, 2008

wee jasper

We did an Australian thing on Australia Day long weekend and went camping up at wee japser. We cheated a bit and used a camp ground that had hot showers and toilets, and we had the camper trailer too... so we even had a comfy bed. Which would have been great but for the cockatoos who started screeching at about four in the morning... Arghhhh!

It rained on the Saturday when we were up there, so of course I had to grab the camera and go out and get some pics... I was hoping for a lovely sunset, but that didnt happen.

But I had a great time, and am keen to go again. Except this time i am not taking the goat track they call a road, i will take the long way that involves tarmac.

It was so good to shoot something just for me... i need to do that more often to keep them creative juices flowing.

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