Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hot dates

Weddings : I am pretty much at my quota of weddings for this year, I still have the 25th of October free but have had a lot of enquiries for it this week so I am fairly sure it will be booked soon. I also have some in late November and maybe one in December but thats about it, unless your wedding is in July or August in which case i am totally free.

Between now and July i have three weekends free ( not counting the six weeks i will be in morooco, spain and portugal ). One weekend i will be Sydney for more bridesmaid shopping but the other i think i will open up for portraits... so thats on the 8th of March. So please let me know if you are interested as it will book up fairly quick.

So the 8th of March - one and only Saturday shoot date! Get it while its hot!

( Till July anyway ).

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