Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentines day!

Technically its not until tomorrow, but Craig gave me a present today as he will be away tomorrow. I have been lusting after a love links bracelet for ages, and clients kept coming in with them on. I love the idea of being to add to them as you go along. I got a little dog to remember Bracken ( i miss my dog ), an "S" for Skye ( Craig also said it was for other words starting with S but i probably shouldnt list them here! but they were all complimentary ) and a little star cause craig thinks I am a star. How cute is that? I totally love it. I got Craig a kick bag ( which hasnt even arrived yet! ) not very romantic but he prefers practical presents...

So happy valentines day to everyone!

Hope you all get something romantic and gooey and lots and lots of lovin'.


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