Thursday, January 26, 2012

jazmin { ten months old }

What a cutie pie! She came in with enough smiles to light up Paris and enough cuteness to fill the studio a hundred times over.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

will { on location }

There are some photographers who dont like props. But i love my props. But it has to be the right props. I remember a couple of years ago i was given a photo of my niece as a gift. It was a baby in the mall type shot, and she was laying on half a dozen rolled up towels, with a black backdrop. There is not much about a bunch of towels i find pretty. Needless to say the photo I took of her some years later is the one framed in my house!

I had been meaning to make a tee-pee for ages, and when Will was booked in I knew he would be perfect for it. So i stayed up all night sewing it!

Will was a rockstar on the day, we would start singing "old macdonald had a farm" and he would yell out "DUCCKKKKKK!!". Maybe you had to be there. It was funny. I tried to get him to pull the red wagon but he thought it was much better if he sat in and i pulled him around instead.

And heres a flashback of one of Wills earlier sessions. Cute huh?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the wedding of nathan and angela

Nathan and Angela held their ceremony at the beautiful St Michaels Cathedral, 
with a reception at the City Gold Club.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

display ideas

Source: via Skye on Pinterest
Source: via Skye on Pinterest

Black and white.For a modern house try black frames with plain white matts, its a classic look, like an art gallery.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

display ideas

Source: via Skye on Pinterest

Dont be afraid to go big, if your space calls for it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

mini sessions

In an attempt to get everyone booked in who wants to get booked in, I am going to try a set of mini sessions. What is a mini session I hear you ask? Well its really just a smaller shoot. Normal sessions go for an hour, but a mini session is only twenty minutes.

I am thinking of scheduling the first one in on the 18th of February, and it will be a themed styled shoot on location. For the theme i am loving the idea of "Black and White Circus". Interested? Email for more info!
skye (at )

Sessions need to be booked by Monday the 30th of January.

Seeing as the mini sessions are only twenty minutes long, they are only really suitable for kids aged from about three and up, and only up to three kids together. Possibly babies who are sitting up really well by themselves too. Not suitable for newborns or a family session. Great for clients who just want a quick session to update their photos.

Mini sessions will be only offered on set days, at set locations, so places are limited.

Although I will have all the props set up, you could decide how much "theme" you want to go, if that makes sense. You could just dress the kids in black and white and meet the criteria. Or you could get all funky and do black and white stripey leggings with a black pettiskirt for girls, and black jeans with a white shirt and black polka dot braces for boys. Add a funky cap and some pretty white flowers and we are set and it will look gorgeous!! Wearing white shirts with black pants is not really the look we are aiming for here. You dont need to go the whole way and dress up the kids as clowns ( although you could, and it would be super cute! ) but a happy fun carnival style is what will work.

Of course I had to blog a picture, but dont exactly have one that i thought matched, so i am posting these black and white mood boards. Yes, its a wedding mood board but its black and white so i worked with what i could find.

Mood Boards from Snippet and Ink.

Top row from left: Donna Karan, silhouette from Karen’s Whimsy, Notte by Marchesa via Something Old Something New, cake from The Knot, Cabernet-Shiraz from Le Grand Noir
Row 2: Cartier Tank watch, blackboard, bouquet from MS, Oreos
Row 3: invitation by Ceci NY, black and white lily, cameo by Tarina Tarantino, Chanel Nail Colour in Black Satin
Row 4: Chuck Taylor sneakers, photo via The Sartorialist, MS button seating cards

 Top row from left: Tim Walker polka dot room via Oh Joy!, silver jack-o-lanterns by Carolyne Roehm, black swiss dot veil via Perfect Bound
Row 2: Elie Saab dress with butterfly sleeves from Brides, mercury glass candlesticks via Paris Parfait
Row 3: black and white cupcake photo by Victoria Pearson, silver glass glitter table number, anemone centerpieces from The Knot, silver leaf staircase via Willow Decor
Row 4: mercury glass pots via Lobster & Swan, commedia letterpress via Moontree, black and white groom suiting photo by Millie Holloman

Also came across this video of a circus inspired fashion shoot on youtube. Just pretend everything they are wearing is black and white.

Monday, January 09, 2012

jade { seven and a half months old }

What do you think, the white or the metallic background?

Monday, January 02, 2012

display ideas

Source: via Darlene on Pinterest

jade { thirty weeks old }

A lovely client lent me this sweet outfit and another gave me the lacey headband ( have i mentioned i have the best clients? ), so Jade had to endure another little photo session.

Happy New Year!