Wednesday, October 31, 2007

super duper christmas print special

I know how everyone loves to give prints as pressies so I thought this special was great for this time of the year. I have boxed sets of matted prints at a super special price so please ask when you do your print order! ( This special is only for the boxes of ten. But its a really good price! )

baylee taylor subi and maya

Four girls in the studio in the cutest of dresses. Two pairs of sisters, and the oldest of each pair loved having their photos done but the youngest two required some persuading. But we had fun!
And maybe got a shot for this years christmas card?

I am trying something new with the slide shows so you dont have to click the link to see them they should just come up in here. Let me know if it doesnt work!

the wedding of lisa and brett

Lisa and Brett tied the knott at the gorgeous Borambola Winery just out of town with the reception following at the Boat Club. They had the Chevy as their wedding car, and we found a great old gate with big trees in the background ( and some cows ) for some great shots.

trash your dress!

Its been huge in the states and in Europe and now Australia finally has its own version. If there are any brides who want to try this let me know I would so love to shoot it!

Its not about trashing the dress, just about not being too precious about it and getting some great images. And the dry cleaners will love you. I have even heard of people buying a $30 dress on ebay and using that to trash instead. Even buying them from Vinnies!

Monday, October 29, 2007

thank yous

Just wanted to share these totally cute thank you cards I just ordered from Charli's christening. How sweet are they? We also have an album on order so will post a slide show of that when its here.

the simpson family

I so loved the Simpson place that I asked Annabelle if I could move in and share her room and she said OK. I was very tempted to take her up on the offer! The view is just stunning. I am totally jealous. We had a great shoot, took a walk through the bush, bounced on the trampline...
So this is the view. You can see why I'm somewhat envious?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

marketplace shoot

So by now everyone should have received their catalogue in the mail from the marketplace? They were my photos. I walked into the marketplace the other day and saw a poster with one of the pics on it from the shoot and it was a bit of a buzz to see it up there in all its glory. I have posted a couple more pics from the shoot, just random shots.
Big thanks to everyone involved, you all did a fab job.

Friday, October 26, 2007

the hogg family

After an initial hiccup the shoot went well and the kids were a treat to shoot. Checkout the slideshow below.

AND just wanted to make sure that mum was happy with canvas prints, designs as below? These are going on the kids doors, how cute is that?

ashley family

More fun in the studio with a great family. The funky chicken made another appearance. ( Anyone who has had kid photos at SRS recently will know exactly what I am talking about! )

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

anna and jason's wedding

My brother said to me "I bet you did that Torana wedding" and of course it was me! And as a bonus we were doing the walk through and Jason said "Do you think red goes with the bridesmaids dresses?" and I asked what type of red, and he said fire engine red. And I got to shoot at the fire station which I have wanted to do every time I drive past it. So this wedding was hot!
Check out the cake. Cute huh?
I took the most amount of photos ever at this wedding ( but I did late coverage which I dont usually do ). I cant wait to post their album, I just finished it and its looks really good! Check back for their slideshow.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Olivia has this totally cute way of smiling and screwing up her whole face at the same time.