Tuesday, November 27, 2012

jack and cheyenne

This shoot was my last location session before my materniy leave started ( I'm so behind on blogging ). My fabulous clients carried everything for this shoot, as I was not supposed to be lifting anything. I had the little sailor hat for ages and was just waiting for the right little spunky boy to come along so i could use it, and Jack fit the bill perfectly. I am going to have to redo it though, when I have more energy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

studio & pregnancy update

Where have I been? Well, Ive been in hospital. These babies of mine decided they would try to arrive on Halloween, and i was air lifted to Sydney via air ambulance in case they arrived. The doctors stopped the contractions so the babies are still on board, but they did keep me in hospital for two weeks in case they decided to try again, which they didnt. I was discharged yesterday, so am taking it super easy. Feet up, on the lounge, doing nothing, trying to keep these twins in just a bit longer.

I have a few orders here that I still need to get out and lots of deliveries arrived while I was away, and I will do little bits here and there as i can to try and get it all done before I go into labour, but as that could happen any time soon Im not really sure how sucessful i will be!

Im so tired and so big and so uncomfortable right now....

And the email is down too, so if anyone has tried to send me an email and its bounced back please send again as the email should be back up today, fingers crossed.